To acquire a job within the computer industry as a JavaScript Developer that will challenge, utilize and enhance my skills and knowledge.

Professional History

Red Pill Development, LLC – Atlanta, GA – October 2012 – Present
Co-Founder / Software Engineer

  • 2013 IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions
  • Key member of the Red Pill Team
  • Responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Neo4J and XSP Plugin libraries
  • Creator of the XSP Plugin which includes custom components, renderers, data sources and REST services
  • Responsible for all front-end functionality and front-end communication with Lotus Domino and Neo4J data
  • Implementor of the Neo4J database and the corresponding connection service

Group Business Software (GBS) – Atlanta, GA – December 2010 to October 2012
Software Engineer

  • Key member of the “Transformer” modernization project
  • Responsible for the creation and maintenance of the GBS XPage Component Library
  • North American App UX Team Lead
  • Responsible for the creation and maintenance of the GBS Dojo Dijit Library
  • Key participant in the creation of the Transformer client side javascript api
  • Created custom components and ensured their functionality on an XPage and their visibility within Domino Designer
  • Created REST services to provide data to various XPage based components and dijits
  • Participated in the invention of and ongoing enhancement and maintenance of the process of representing Asynchronous code within Server Side Javascript and XSP markup
  • Responsible for everything seen on screen for a transformed application
  • Participated in the discovery and implementation of an application layout using facets and the ability to place those facets anywhere on a page at runtime based on markers within a custom html template
  • Shared enhancements to the IBM Extension Library with IBM to be included back in the project
  • Developed many XPage applications in order to test all custom components, their behavior and on-screen representation
  • Forward thinker helping to determine new ways of doing things within Lotus Domino to include data storage, event handling, caching and presenting data
  • GBS Commons GIT Repository Owner

TEK-Solutions, INC – Durham, NC – July 2008 to December 2010
United States Federal Government/EPA
Lotus Notes/Domino Developer

  • Demonstrated responsibility by working from home full time and being very productive
  • Maintained existing applications and added new features as requested
  • Developed and designed new applications for both the Lotus Notes client and Web clients using various technologies including Java, JavaScript, Server Side JavaScript, LotusScript, @Formula language and Xpages
  • Re-Wrote several existing applications to use modern development techniques
  • Participated in the Admin Suite rewrite to bring code up to current development standards and re-wrote several of the applications to implement a modern user interface and class based code enhancements
  • Provided consultation on various administrative tasks
  • Provided documentation for all new applications
  • Integrated data from Oracle Databases into Lotus Notes using LEI
  • Traveled to alternate locations to correct issues and promote customer care, boost customer confidence and build a better customer relationship
  • Showed individual responsibility and initiative by working totally offsite

CLMS llc – Atlanta, GA – December 2007 to July 2008
Lead Lotus Notes / Domino Developer supporting the General Services Administration (US Govt.)

  • Developed and implemented an HR application for monitoring vacant and currently filled positions
  • Implemented SQL Server 2005 Reporting services in several Lotus Notes applications
  • Configured LEI to copy data from Lotus Notes to various SQL Server databases
  • Created the SQLData class for importing and exporting data from SQL Server databases and Lotus Notes
  • Implemented XML processing to import data from SQL Server to Lotus Notes

Unisys – Atlanta, GA – Sept. 2006 to December 2007
Lead Lotus Notes / Domino Developer supporting the General Services Administration (US Govt.)

  • Developed Nationally used application for assessing building damage
  • Developed an application for managing all .NET application usernames and user information from Lotus Notes and updating that information in a SQL Server database. This application also retrieved information from Active Directory to ensure consistency across the .NET applications, Active Directory and Lotus Notes.
  • Configured and implemented an email archiving solution using policy documents and created several scripts to be run by end users to configure their archive
  • Developed a nationally used application for managing building contacts
  • Provided administration consultation to the Lotus Notes Administration team
  • Worked closely with the Lotus Notes administration team to ensure the Lotus Notes infrastructure was easy to maintain, monitor and fix.
  • Provided applications which were to be used internally for managing users, logging changes made to the infrastructure and managing training session requests and enrollments
  • Installed and maintained LEI for various tasks such as getting information from SQL Server databases and putting information into SQL Server databases
  • Created the ExcelData class for importing and exporting data to and from Microsoft Excel

Sprint – Atlanta, GA – Sept. 2000 to Sept. 2006
Lotus Notes / Domino Administrator – Developer

  • Developed automated Lotus Notes User Registration application to allow users to request a Lotus Notes ID via the web using LotusScript, Basic JavaScript and Lotus Formula Language
  • Developed agents to run comparisons from the Domino Directory against the Sprint Enterprise Address Book
  • Developed the Sprint Enterprise Address Book
  • Developed agents to perform various administrative tasks
  • Key player in the Lotus Notes / Domino R6 Rollout
  • Planned, developed and implemented the Lotus Notes R6 Client rollout
  • Implemented Lotus Smart Upgrade system on all servers to maintain Lotus Notes client version levels
  • Administer 11,000 + users in the Domino Directory
  • Project Planning for migrations and ongoing projects
  • Implemented and administered Lotus TeamRooms to be used by various teams throughout the organization
  • Implemented and administered Lotus SameTime to be used by various teams throughout the organization
  • Assisted in the implementation of SMTP Mail Routing ro route mail from Lotus Notes to Other e-mail accounts within and external to the organization
  • Maintained Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and AIX Servers running Lotus Domino R4, R5 and R6 in clustered active / active environments

CDI Information Services – June 1999 to July 2000
The Coca-Cola Company – Atlanta, GA
Lead Lotus Notes Administrator

  • Administered The Coca-Cola Company’s International Lotus Notes Mail system of 98,000 + users
  • Managed all changes, amendments, additions and deletions to the Global Directory
  • Managed Renames, Deletions and Re-certifications to/from Lotus Notes
  • Managed New Lotus Notes user creation
  • Developed Lotus Notes applications to manage several ongoing projects
  • Trouble-Shoot issues arising with Lotus Notes Mail and Lotus Notes Mail Files
  • Maintained all items in the Domino Directory on 21 Servers world wide
  • Supported remote administrators in resolving issues with Lotus Notes Mail
  • Troubleshoot and resolve Lotus Notes User ID issues

Nichols Research Company – Sept. 1998 to June 1999
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Atlanta, GA
User Support Specialist

  • Provided Deskside support for 100+ users using Windows NT and Windows 95
  • Troubleshoot and resolved hardware, software and network issues
  • Netware 4.1x and Windows NT User Administration duties
  • Developed Windows NT Workstation destop standards for CDC division (NIOSH)
  • Developed Microsoft Access database to keep track of bar-coded inventory
  • Supported and repaired issues with client side Microsoft Outlook
  • Assisted in the implementation of ZEN Works for Novell using NDS Application Objects
  • Installed Dell Workstations with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation

Winter Wyman Consulting – April 1998 to July 1998
GE Capital Financial Services – Atlanta, GA
Novell 4.11 network Administrator

  • Team Leader with 2 reporting team members
  • LAN/WAN administrator Novell Netware 4.11 with 125 users
  • Upgraded Server memory and drive space to accommodate current work load
  • Maintained Compaq Proliant Server running Novell Netware 4.11
  • Planned and started implementation of Novell 4.11 Token-Ring to Windows NT Fast ethernet Migration
  • Responsible for all purchases and maintaining the budget for the Fast ethernet migration
  • Managed all changes to the network infrastructure along with 2 other team members
  • Provided deskside support for 125 users using Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Access
  • Performed server backups using ArcServ 6.0
  • Upgraded Novell 4.10 Server to Novell 4.11

CDI Information Services – Dec. 1997 to March 1998
IBM Supporting America’s Favorite Chicken Enterprises – Atlanta, GA
Computer Systems Specialist

  • Troubleshooting and third level support of Windows 95 and Windows NT workstations
  • Install, configure and support Lotus Notes 4.5.3a
  • Install, configure and support Windows 95 and Microsoft Office
  • Developed Lotus Notes Knowledgebase to track offsite laptop services and knowledge repository
  • Perform server backups using ArcServ
  • Novell 4.10 and Windows NT user adminitrative duties
  • Build, install and support Windows NT servers to act as PDC, BDC and provide DHCP services
  • Troubleshoot and repair IBM laptops used for remote connectivity

CDI Information Services – Jan. 1997 to Dec. 1997
The Coca-Cola Company – Atlanta, GA
Computer Systems Specialist

  • Team Leader of CDI-Trac hardware staging team at The Coca-Cola Company
  • Perform CDI-Trac Server backup using ArcServ
  • Assisted in the upgrade of 100,000+ workstations from Microsoft Windows 3.1 to Microsoft Windows 95
  • Installed and configured Lotus Notes 4.12 and 4.5 on all workstations
  • Managed 17 team members on CDI-Trac project
  • Provided 3rd Level deskside support
  • Troubleshoot and repair various laptops including IBM, Toshiba and Compaq
  • Deliver and install customer workstations and ensure operability

Special Qualifications

  • Designed, Administered and Installed Windows, Linux and Novell Networks
  • Technical Editor for IBM Press Books: Survival Guide for Lotus Notes and Domino Administrators, Lotus Notes Developers Toolbox: Tips for Rapid and Successful Deployment
  • Experienced with all versions of Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino since R4
  • Team Leader experience, very goal oriented and very energetic
  • Possessed Top Secret SI security clearance provided by the FBI and NSA
  • Developed and maintain the OpenNTF Opensource Projects (User Administration Utility, Xpages Calendar, XBlog)


  • Interwoven TeamSite Developer Series
  • Maintaining a Lotus Domino R5 Infrastructure
  • Lotus Notes System Administration I
  • VLF/LF receive coupler repair
  • Basic Enlisted Submarine School
  • The Ocean Corp. Advanced Oilfield Diver training and Non-Destructive Testing
  • Douglas County Comprehensive High School
William Keith Strickland Douglasville, GA

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