Polymer and Webpack

I’ve started using Webpack in my build process and I must say, I’m quite impressed. So over the past couple of years my build process has migrated a bit. I started by using Grunt, moved to Gulp and then created my own build process to address some custom items working with Red Pill’s infrastructures and Domino. But since finding Webpack, I’m finding that it does a much better job, with much less effort.


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now-confirm-dialog an OpenSource element

We needed a means to produce a “pretty” confirm dialog instead of the old and busted default JavaScript confirm dialog. While the JavaScript confirm dialog is functional and probably provides more functionality than this one, we’ve found this meets our needs quite nicely. For reference, here is a default JavaScript confirm dialog. This shows up centered right under the address bar:

Here is our our now-confirm-dialog which shows up in the center of the screen:

The goal of this element is to provide a simple confirmation dialog and then have the ability to do something based on which button the user clicked.

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Adventures in tooling

Here lately I’ve been writing a lot of tooling in preparation for upcoming projects. This tooling is meant to lessen the amount of work to start up a new project. A while back I watched this video. That video inspired me to come up with a repository in which a front-end developer could clone, run a couple of commands and be ready to write code for the new project. Going down this route has been quite the eye opener to the complexity of what a modern progressive web app is today.

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Replacing Lotus is…. complex

If you followed Peter’s series on replacing Lotus he outlined some of the pitfalls, processes and decision points to undertake for success. I wanted to point out the technical side to a lot of those decisions. The short answer is that you need a tool to surface your domino data en-masse until such a time when decisions are made on each application. I have been working on that solution for quite some time now and I have to say,

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Red Pill is the MWLUG Sponsor of the Week

Red Pill Now is the Sponsor of the Week for MWLUG. Check out our video in the top right corner of the site.

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Asymmetric Modernization Explained

Posted Asymmetric Modernization Explained over on SocialBizUg.

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Announcing redpill Mobile

Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? Well today is the first step in realizing that dream.

A few months ago I made a post about being one of the co-founders for a new company called Red Pill Development. This company was founded on the controversial belief that modernizing Notes applications one at a time by reproducing all of the existing functionality is a loosing strategy.

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Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real?

I am proud to announce that as of Monday I will be starting a new adventure with the creation of Red Pill Development. Red Pill Development is a new company which consists of a truly awesome team of Lotus Professionals and thought leaders in the Lotus industry. Currently Red Pill Development consists of:

  • Peter Presnell, IBM Champion 2012, architect of the .Domino framework on OpenNTF, globally recognized presenter &

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