now-confirm-dialog an OpenSource element

We needed a means to produce a “pretty” confirm dialog instead of the old and busted default JavaScript confirm dialog. While the JavaScript confirm dialog is functional and probably provides more functionality than this one, we’ve found this meets our needs quite nicely. For reference, here is a default JavaScript confirm dialog. This shows up centered right under the address bar:

Here is our our now-confirm-dialog which shows up in the center of the screen:

The goal of this element is to provide a simple confirmation dialog and then have the ability to do something based on which button the user clicked.

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Adventures in tooling

Here lately I’ve been writing a lot of tooling in preparation for upcoming projects. This tooling is meant to lessen the amount of work to start up a new project. A while back I watched this video. That video inspired me to come up with a repository in which a front-end developer could clone, run a couple of commands and be ready to write code for the new project. Going down this route has been quite the eye opener to the complexity of what a modern progressive web app is today.

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Sucky docs are just frustrating

Since my move to OpenSource JavaScript frameworks, libraries, modules, etc. I spend a lot of time looking at the documentation for whatever it is I’m working on. Some docs are really good. They give a description, example, what something returns, what it expects as parameters, etc. However some are really bad. They define the name of the function/property/whatever but they don’t say what the hell it does. Take this example from the nodejs documentation for the ‘

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now-context: Opensource Project

Happy New Year! Lately I’ve been working on ways to simplify and enhance the way in which we develop applications. I watched this video: The Reusable JavaScript Revolution¬†which¬†really got my brain working and trying to come up with a solution for Red Pill Now. One of the pieces of the application part of that project is a context element (now-context) that provides a few different features:

  • Performs and records all AJAX requests
  • Provides a basic PubSub system
  • Provides a basic Request/Response service
  • Provides a global variable to interact with the context

The entire idea here is to provide a communication channel similar to that found in Backbone/Backbone Marionette for application specific communication.

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XBlog – The XPages Blog Platform – Released

This past weekend an OpenSource project I’ve been working on for a while, called XBlog, was released. While not quite ready for prime time I think the release was probably a good thing to at least get people looking at it and hopefully provide some help in fixing some of the more stubborn issues (read please help). Currently, XBlog looks a little old school, but it’s got a pretty good feature set that should only grow in future releases.

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Top 10 Developer Software packages…

Today Bob Balfe posted about his top 10 Open Source developer tools, so I thought I would follow suit. Here are my top 10 open source developer tools not in any particular order:

  • Eclipse – This is a great open source programming tool. With it’s many plug-ins you can develop in just about any language. I use it for Java, PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL programming. As Bob mentioned there are several commercial applications built on top of Eclipse and I thought I would mention another such as XMind
  • TextWrangler

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Blogsphere bugs…

I’ve been using the Blogsphere template since it first came out and haven’t looked back. BlogSphere and the OpenNTF mail template are the templates that really opened the world’s eyes to OpenNTF and the benefits of an OpenSource community for the Lotus faithful. However, since version 3.x of blogsphere there have been a couple of bugs that really bugged me. These bugs didn’t really hurt the overall feel of Blogsphere but are really just little annoyances.

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XMind – Mind Mapping software

The other day while looking for a Mind Manager replacement I stumbled across XMind. This is an Eclipse based application that has all the features I frequently used in Mind Manager. I had tried using Mind Meister but I just couldn’t get past the way you modify your mind map, it just took too long.

But the feature set for XMind is great, it includes many features that you only find in the “pay for”

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Life with the Mac, so far…

OK, we’ve had the Mac now for exactly a week and since my wife drives into the office I have been using it for my day to day work and I’m still impressed with how well it runs and multitasks. I’ve made myself an account on the machine so I can install the tools I need, customize the desktop, setup a virtual machine to run Domino 8.5 in, etc. and not affect her OS experience.

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Open Source: A Silver Lining in the Economic Slump

This article over on Business Week states what I’ve been preaching to small companies for quite a while now.

JasperSoft is thriving as other vendors struggle because it provides software at a lower price than competitors. In fact, JasperSoft supplies the basic software for free, making money by selling support services or additional features. Its annual fees can be as much as 85% to 90% lower than its competitors.

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