Replacing Lotus is…. complex

If you followed Peter’s series on replacing Lotus he outlined some of the pitfalls, processes and decision points to undertake for success. I wanted to point out the technical side to a lot of those decisions. The short answer is that you need a tool to surface your domino data en-masse until such a time when decisions are made on each application. I have been working on that solution for quite some time now and I have to say,

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Re-usability is the Goal!

When developing modern web applications, we want to build components that are re-usable. The more reusable it is, the better. When things are re-usable we get a lot of benefits going forward with future applications, mainly speed of development. But we also get the ability to update a component in one place and the next update to any app that uses that component, we just get the new version.

One thing that is pretty popular in Domino apps and some modern web apps is a picker.

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My first impressions of using Titanium Appcelerator

A couple of weeks ago I started messing with Titanium Appcelerator. Coming from Domino Designer and Eclipse the IDE will look very familiar. It's eclipse and it's based off of Aptana Studio. I guess the biggest issue to being productive is the learning curve for the API. But honestly when is that not the case?

So starting to delve into this, Titanium apps are purely client side javascript based.

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Asymmetric Modernization Explained

Posted Asymmetric Modernization Explained over on SocialBizUg.

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