My first impressions of using Titanium Appcelerator

A couple of weeks ago I started messing with Titanium Appcelerator. Coming from Domino Designer and Eclipse the IDE will look very familiar. It's eclipse and it's based off of Aptana Studio. I guess the biggest issue to being productive is the learning curve for the API. But honestly when is that not the case?

So starting to delve into this, Titanium apps are purely client side javascript based.

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2 Days with Domino 9.0.1 Mobile Controls – And I’m not happy

OK, so today is the 2nd day I've spent with the Mobile controls from Domino 9.0.1. I must say the lack of a 9.0.1 Beta is quite obvious. So some of the "improvements" IBM made to the mobile controls are the addition of onBeforeTransitionIn/Out onAfterTransitionIn/Out. While these events are sorely needed, the implementation IBM chose to use doesn't work is kind-of odd.

So, a brief rundown of the transition events pre 9.0.1. I posted a while back about how to implement these methods in your mobile application.

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Implementing a Dojo Scrollable pane with the XPages Mobile Controls

Check out my first NotesIn9 video about adding a Dojo Scrollable Pane in order to get a fixed bottom tab bar with the Extension Library Mobile Controls. A big thanks to David Leedy for publishing my video. Hope you enjoy the video.

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Mobile First Development

At Red Pill Development, Peter Presnell has encouraged our development efforts to use a "Mobile First" approach. The process is that you design your mobile interface first, get everything working properly and then move on from there to Tablet and then Web Browser interfaces re-using as much as possible from the previously working mobile implementation. This approach has several advantages:

  • It forces you to research, gather requirements and only display and write code for the things you actually NEED
  • The flow of the application will be defined by the mobile interface
  • It shapes the direction of the entire project
  • It forces you into thinking differently
  • Makes the next interface implementations easier

At first I fought this approach as it was easier for me to come up with a browser based solution quickly.

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Announcing redpill Mobile

Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? Well today is the first step in realizing that dream.

A few months ago I made a post about being one of the co-founders for a new company called Red Pill Development. This company was founded on the controversial belief that modernizing Notes applications one at a time by reproducing all of the existing functionality is a loosing strategy.

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Dojo Mobile ScrollablePane implementation

At Red Pill Development we're pushing the envelope a bit on XPages Mobile, we're certainly pushing the mobile controls to their limits. Because of this sometimes we need to take matters into our own hands and override the XPages Mobile controls and kind-of take over how they operate or create our own.

One of the things you're going to encounter when you delve into XPages Mobile development is trying to put a Tab Bar at the bottom of the screen that actually stays at the bottom of the screen.

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XPages and Dojo Mobile Events

Here lately, I've been working on getting events to fire within a mobile application in XPages. For example when a page first loads (i.e. is navigated to but not "transitioned" to) or when a transition/navigation to another page within the single page application. No events are published or made available via the domino designer IDE but we still need to be able to do something when a navigation/transition event happens. So, how do we do this and what are the event names?

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