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My name is Keith Strickland. I’ve been a Yellow Verse Blogger since 2002. My blog was originally at keithstric.com but I have since lost that domain due to my own inaction and have re-incarnated my blog here, at keithstric.me. I’ve been working with Notes and Domino since 1995 and have played pretty much every role possible in that community.

Lately I’ve been doing more speaking engagements. Last year I spoke at MWLUG, before that ATLUG and most recently at Engage. While I was a little hesitant at first, I now don’t mind doing that sort of thing as much.

In 2012 I was honored to become one of the founders of Red Pill NOW. We’re mainly a services shop and have continued the work on creating a modern web portal containing all the notes data from a notes domain. This work has been extremely challenging and has been very satisfying personally.

In 2013 I was honored to be selected as an IBM Champion of Collaboration Services. I was also an active blogger on the now defunct socialbizug.org which I suspect help get the IBM Champion title. This made it so that Red Pill NOW was/is a company totally made up of IBM Champions.

While I am still at Red Pill NOW I have been exploring the world of JavaScript and would now consider myself a JavaScript developer as opposed to a Notes/Domino Developer. Lately my specialty has been Polymer Web Components and how web components can help make your life easier. If you need to be able to represent a complex thing many times in many different contexts, web components are the answer. This too has proven very challenging yet in a different way.

In my personal life I’m into quite a few different things. I love tinkering with R/C Helicopters and also lately been getting back into wood working, arduino projects and just making things in general.

I have a wife with 4 children (who are now grown) and currently I have 4 grand-children (don’t say it, even tho I know you’re thinking it). Grand-Children are a totally different experience. Now when they cry, misbehave, etc. I just hand them back to their respective parent and say “Here ya go”.


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