Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real?

I am proud to announce that as of Monday I will be starting a new adventure with the creation of Red Pill Development. Red Pill Development is a new company which consists of a truly awesome team of Lotus Professionals and thought leaders in the Lotus industry. Currently Red Pill Development consists of:

  • Peter Presnell, IBM Champion 2012, architect of the .Domino framework on OpenNTF, globally recognized presenter & thought-leader, former head of quality engineering for GBS
  • Keith Strickland, creator of the XBlog project on OpenNTF, recognized expert on Dojo and XPages
  • Jennifer Meade, globally recognized presenter & thought-leader, former Chief Technology Officer for GBS, winner of countless Lotus Awards with 3 different IBM partners
  • Nathan T. Freeman, IBM Champion 2012, co-founder & Director Emeritus of OpenNTF, globally recognized presenter & thought-leader, former Vice-President of R&D for GBS
  • Tim Tripcony, IBM Champion 2012, co-author of the XPages Extension Library book, globally recognized presenter & thought-leader, author & inventor of numerous OpenNTF projects

Red Pill Development is a company dedicated to the modernization of custom Lotus Notes applications for the enterprise. What does that mean? Simply that our mission is to apply modern software principles to the millions of production Notes applications deployed across the world.

While myself and the others are no longer officially employed by GBS, Red Pill Development will continue to work closely with GBS through several ongoing agreements. And, I must say I don't remember ever having been this excited about my career or what I'm working on. I'm really looking forward to pursuing this opportunity. 

As for what we're doing…. well we're not quite ready to start showing off exactly what we're working on, mainly because: "No one can be told what Red Pill is. You have to be shown" and we're not ready just yet. 

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