Tootsie the American Cocker-Spaniel

Last night our American Cocker-Spaniel named Tootsie passed away. She was 17 years old and got her name because she was always laying on our feet. If you were sitting somewhere with your feet on the floor more than likely she was there, the ever loyal companion. When we first got her she could almost fit in the palm of your hand (and that was mostly ears) and was the cutest thing running around her ears flopping around. She was a wonderful companion, always willing to listen and keep your feet warm (even if they weren't cold), even in bed watching a movie, she would be there on your feet and I swear watched the movie with us.

The picture here is a few years old and was time for a grooming, which she hated but put up with just to humor us. She always let the groomer know how she felt about the experience as on the way out would leave a present in the most travelled area of where she was groomed, while it made us mad at the time she would do that, it came to be a laughing matter.

She now rests in the back yard next to a couple of other pets we've had over the years whose time had come and tonight in bed she will be missed. However, I'm sure the squirrels in the back yard won't be missing her too much as I think they've learned what it means when the door opens and the shout of "GET'EM" follows. I'm sure she's giving the squirrels wherever she's at heck right now.

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