Original keithstric.com server retired

Well, Friday morning I retired the original keithstric.com server (replace server in this article with glorified PC). It was built in late 2001 with a Pentium processor (I think) or AMD Equivalent and 256MB RAM running SuSE Linux (back then it was probably Red Hat, but I changed to SuSE once Red Hat went proprietary). This server was the original home for keithstric.com and was only turned off for a short while after I got a new server with dual processors in which one of the processor fans promptly failed a few months later, followed shortly by the other one. This server was brought back and has served web pages, Lotus Domino, File Sharing and Music Sharing duties ever since. Of course over the years more hard drives and memory have been added, nothing spectacular really, but it’s reliably churned away no matter what I done to it.

The Motherboard that replaced this very old, dust filled PC came out of my Compaq Presario that was replaced by my iMAC. It has an AMD Sempron processor with 1GB RAM and right at 300GB of disk space (compared to the 80GB of the old one). I just put this motherboard in my old yellow scorpion case. Since I regularly do backups of the important stuff it only took me about 8 hours to set everything back up and restore all my data and important configuration files.

All of this goes to show to not underestimate the capabilities of your hardware. For a machine to run constantly for almost 9 years and also run modern applications so reliably is a pretty amazing feat. While I really like the new speed and space of the new, I think I’ll miss old reliable. Let’s just hope this new hardware steps up to the plate and is as reliable as the old server, I guess only time will tell.

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