Rambling on…

OK I’m currently sitting in the Orlando International airport waiting on my flight back home. But while riding the bus to the airport I was thinking about Disney. They really got it together on several fronts.

  • Moving people from point A to point B. Once you’re in the Disney system, they’ll get you where you need/want to go in a fairly reasonable amount of time and with good service too
  • Making Money. While watching the video on the bus Disney now has a Cruise Line, Adventure Vacations, Disney Land, Disney World, Disney Japan, etc, etc, etc. They do a very good job of marketing their vacations and services
  • Feeding lots of people. While at LotusPhere at the Dolphin Pacific Hall, they would feed some 7,000 people in less than 2 hours. That’s a rather large feat no matter who you are.
  • Building a resort. I don’t know how true it is, but I heard that Disney World was 47 square miles. Several resorts, heck we stopped at 4 on the way to the air port, and however many theme parks. All this draws an enormous amount of people, services and businesses to the area. Plus it’s simply amazing.
  • Entertaining people. No matter your age you can find something to entertain you while at Disney World.

These were just a few of the observations I made while at LotusPhere this year and also that people are crazy (pick one hair color folks and stick with it). So, with the laptop battery starting to complain I guess I’m done. Hope everyone had fun at LotusPhere and have gotten ammo for selling Lotus Notes within your organization and to your bosses who may/may not be looking at some other product.

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