Cool website,

I came across last week or so. It allows you to play music for free. There are apps for iPhone and Android so you can listen via those devices also. But you define your favorite artists across different genres and will provide recommendations of music you might like. For example, if you make one of your preferred artists say Trace Adkins, there is a link called “Listen to Trace Adkins Radio” and that will play music from Trace Adkins and also other artists like Trace Adkins. It’s very cool and allows you to find music you otherwise wasn’t aware of. As tracks are played you have the option of purchasing the track, tagging it, sharing it or send a ringtone to your cell phone. As you listen to different tracks they are added to your Library which you can then listen to.

There are way too many features of to describe here plus I don’t know what a lot of the features are for, but the whole premise is that as you listen to music, comment, tag, mark and search tracks everything is kept track of and the options seem to grow over time and use. The best part about all of this is the price, it’s free! So, if you like to listen to music and don’t feel like using iTunes or some other tool running locally on your PC or you’re just tired of your music collection then is probably for you.

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