Vista Industrial Design Toolkit

Microsoft has started distributing a Vista Industrial Design Toolkit describing how a PC that runs Windows Vista should look. This brings up thoughts of how Microsoft intends to enforce this since they don’t make PCs. Will they use their monetary might to try and force manufacturers to adhere to the toolkit? I found this article describing the toolkit and this statement to me doesn’t seem like Microsoft at all:

Microsoft, for their part,

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Categories Listing and URL Rewrite

I recently had to take my categories list over on the left away. Well, when I brought my website back up I had to install the base version of Xoops and then, install all the modules and import the data into the various tables in the database. Well, I guess something went wrong during the import and using the URL Rewrite for them broke the links. So, I removed them. Well yesterday I just got the idea of opening the category up in edit mode and then saving it.

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Zamzar – Free online file conversion

I’ve just stumbled upon the Zamzar website which is super cool. They will convert files from one format to another for free. Their reported mission is:

To provide high quality file conversion for as many file formats as possible

As a test I converted a .avi file to a .gif file. It took a couple of minutes to fill out the form, upload the file and wait for them to send me an e-mail saying the conversion was completed.

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Product usability in relation to Lotus Notes applications…

I recently read an article concerning product usability. In that article (sorry, don’t have a link) it discussed studies of different products and how people reacted while using the product. For example, on a gas pump, before you could pump your gas you had to key in your zip code and press enter. The only problem was that the instructions never mentioned that you had to press enter, so, people would key in their zip code several times without hitting enter,

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Happy Halloween

Happy HalloweenWow, 3 posts in one night after being silent for quite a while. But, Happy Halloween and I hope everyone had a happy and Safe Halloween.


I realize I didn’t do any bloody fonts, flying bats or anything like that , but maybe next year

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Workspace and Bookmarks frustration

I’ve recently been tasked with adding bookmarks to the workspace and/or a folder on the far left of the Lotus Notes window with links to people’s old archive files. I’ve come to the conclusion that Lotus must not have intended us as developers to mess with this. But the flow should go something like this:

  1. In LotusScript I need to get all the user’s current archive filenames from their home directory
  2. Add bookmarks for the archive files that are being moved to an archive server to the user’s bookmark bar on the far left of the Lotus Notes window


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Lotus Notes Developer’s Toolbox: Tips for Rapid and Successful Deployment

The book Lotus Notes Developer’s Toolbox: Tips for Rapid and Successful Deployment by Mark Elliott arrived on my doorstep today. I was one of the editors for the book and my name shows up in the Acknowledgements, it’s the last name there, but it’s there. I know that’s not a big deal for quite a few in the Lotus Blogosphere, but for me, seeing my name in that book was really cool. This is the first book I’ve ever been asked to participate in and I wasn’t so sure to begin with as they asked for some personal information,

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New Tool by Axialis

I’ve recently had the need for a new tool to make icons. I stumbled across this tool from Axialis. The ease of creating quality icons is absolutely fabulous and for someone with little to no imagination, like myself, it’s a breeze to create very appealing icons for navigation purposes.

The IconWorkshop comes with many different icon shapes and symbols, pretty much everything you’ll need to make an icon.

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Cool UI Resources

At my new job I’ve inherited an application that has a butt ugly interface. It’s applications like these that spur websites like Lotus Notes Sucks. Now I’ve read through a lot of that website and I must say that there is a lot of sense and lessons to be had from this website, but that’s another post for another day.

But back to that ugly application. I am just itching to redesign the UI for that application,

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