sortablejs – Drag-n-Drop without jQuery UI

I had a need to enable drag-n-drop for a particular part of our portal. In the past I’ve always used jQuery-UI as it’s quite easy to enable drag-n-drop. Doing some research I came across a StackOverflow question about enabling drag-n-drop with Polymer. One of the answers mentioned sortablejs. This is a very minimalist library to enable drag-n-drop. Best part about this library is that it has a port for Polymer.

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Herman Cain – Thomas Jefferson comes to dinner

I heard this today and thought it particularly relevant for Independence Day listening.

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Polymer app-layout Elements

Looking at the Polymer app-layout elements I have to say these are pretty cool! Some of it is old news because it was/is supported via the paper-drawer-panel, paper-header and paper-toolbar elements. However by taking the lessons learned with those elements and creating their “app” siblings I think it makes for a much nicer implementation.

The basic use of the app-layout elements would look something like this:

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I’m speaking at MWLUG 2016

We’ve gotten the approval notices and you can find me at MWLUG 2016 doing the “Design Matters 2.0” session again with Bob Kadrie. We will be showing some new content this year so be sure to attend. You can also find me in the “A Introduction to Web Components” session with Kito Mann. Be sure to join us as we do a quick dive into this exciting technology.

Red Pill will once again be introducing a new presenter to the community,

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Progressive Web App Summit – 2016

Here is the Live Stream for the Progressive Web App Summit going on now in Amsterdam. Enjoy!


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New Polycast is out!

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Re-usability is the Goal!

When developing modern web applications, we want to build components that are re-usable. The more reusable it is, the better. When things are re-usable we get a lot of benefits going forward with future applications, mainly speed of development. But we also get the ability to update a component in one place and the next update to any app that uses that component, we just get the new version.

One thing that is pretty popular in Domino apps and some modern web apps is a picker.

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1.5 Years with Polymer Web Components

For about the last 6 to 8 months I’ve been doing a lot of development using Polymer Web Components. I started with the 0.5 developer release version. My experience so far has been a little bitter sweet.  Using version 0.5 I had to jump quite a few hoops to get things working, but once I figured out the patterns all was well with the world.

In the Beginning

I had chosen to use Backbone Marionette for the MVC architecture for my apps.

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IBM Please fix Domino authentication

Welcome to The new home of my blog. Due to my inaction I ended up loosing I was able to move the past 10 years worth of blog posts here, but I’m still missing the first 4 years of posts. Oh well, guess that’s what happens when you ignore a problem. But let’s get to my rant.

I’m building an application using just Polymer. It’s a RESTful application so all server communication is via AJAX requests.

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Long time no blog

It's been a while since I've posted here so… how about an end of year recap for anyone interested.

  • Red Pill Development changed it's name to Red Pill Now with a whole marketing campaign around it
  • I spoke at MWLUG and ATLUG
  • I started messing around with Polymer Web components and think this is the way web development should be done.
  • I did a couple of training sessions on Javascript and Backbone/Marionette
  • Red Pill hired a creative director,

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