XBlog 1.0b Released!

I have released version 1.0b of XBlog! This release contains quite a few performance updates, addition of an Application Layout with the accompanying style sheet and a few fixes here and there. Download this release from the XBlog project on OpenNTF. Of course you can see a demo of XBlog right here on this site. The entire change log is:

Backend Processing

  • In all HTML builder type methods,

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Adding resources to an XPage at runtime

This evening I was messing around with this blog and was playing with Google web fonts. I was wanting to experiment with some different fonts but I couldn't find an easy way to add additional resources to my blog. This prompted a quick dev session to add that ability. The best part is it didn't take long to do. Here's how I went about it.

XBlog has an applicationScope bean called XBlogUtils.

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XBlog gets an Application Layout

I got a feature request from Patrick Kwinten on the XBlog project page for an Application Layout option. Well, after some initial investigation I was able to incorporate that feature, as a matter of fact, this blog is sporting that layout which I may keep, I dunno yet. The only drawback to using that component is I couldn't figure out how to have 2 right side bars with the content on the left.

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More XBlog Updates

In preparation for releasing version 1.0b of XBlog. I've made quite a few performance enhancements and am caching a lot more that should be cached. For example, all of the Translation, Hot Tags and Hot Text, this can all be cached and it shouldn't be looked up via walking the view for every single post. Also fixed a lot of the HTML generation to use a String Builder instead of concatenating text.

I've also started cleaning up un-used/dead code,

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XBlog 0.9.1a Released

I've just released XBlog 0.9.1a. This release includes quite a few additions to the Mobile Site and so far has been very stable. I've got it running this blog. This is actually a pre-1.0 beta release. I've already started working on version 1.0b which will mainly be a hardening release with hardly no new features. I'll mainly be focusing on performance gains and maybe some additional themes.

Changes in the 0.9.1a release include:

Front-End Site

  • RSS Feeds changed to include

    • Tag Specific RSS Feeds
    • Comments RSS Feed
  • Blog Content Container takes advantage of the Content Container Default HTML added to the layout document
  • Subscribe sidebar item added
  • Antisamy removed due to permissions issues with the Domino JVM
  • General cleanup of un-used classes,

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XBlog Updates

This past weekend I worked on the mobile site for XBlog. I've made quite a few improvements (read re-wrote) that should make it much easier to navigate and actually use. Since re-writing the mobile site I'm kind of ashamed of the code I found there. It was obvious I didn't know what the heck I was doing in terms of writing a mobile app or specifically a Sencha Touch driven mobile app. The changes I made aren't visually that noticeable,

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XBlog 0.7.2a Released

Today I released version 0.7.2a of XBlog. This version includes updates to the Sencha Touch site and the license for using Sencha Touch. New features included are:

  • Bottom Toolbar

    • Home Link
    • Full Archive Link
    • Downloads Link
    • Top 10 Link
  • Sencha Back Button improvements
  • Scrolling issue in Sencha Touch site fixed
  • License Update using the Sencha Touch Exception for Applications

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HTML Templating in XPages

While developing XBlog one of the requirements was that the layout of posts, comments, permalink pages, pages, archives and downloads needed to be customizable by the blog owner. This would allow the blog owner to make XBlog look exactly as (s)he imagined. The problem is, how do you pull this off and yet still have the application perform as one would expect without a massive amount of requests going back and forth between the browser and server?

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XBlog 0.7a Released

XBlog 0.7a released to OpenNTF. This version includes several new features:

  • Posts, Comments, Pages and Archive items all componentized which resulted in a slight performance gain
  • Search incorporated in both the front-end and back-end websites
  • Full Archive now available
  • Small Client Side API implemented
  • All Downloads section added

Items fixed in this release:

  • Sorting arrows for Links
  • Hot Text replacement only occurs in content of a post,

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keithstric.com on XBlog

keithstric.com is now running the latest XBlog template. Well, not exactly the one on OpenNTF as this will be a test bed. But still, it’s not much different from what’s currently on OpenNTF. But look for a new version in the next few days that will fix a lot of relative URL issues. Especially issues with a URL in the address bar that doesn’t match the real URL of the blog.

It also fixes some of the style sheet and SyntaxHighlighter brush file paths.

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