Blogsphere bugs…

I’ve been using the Blogsphere template since it first came out and haven’t looked back. BlogSphere and the OpenNTF mail template are the templates that really opened the world’s eyes to OpenNTF and the benefits of an OpenSource community for the Lotus faithful. However, since version 3.x of blogsphere there have been a couple of bugs that really bugged me. These bugs didn’t really hurt the overall feel of Blogsphere but are really just little annoyances.

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Blogsphere, lists and images… Oh my!

The other day I was noticing that when I included a list in my blog posts that the bullet image wasn’t showing up. So, I started digging through the code a little bit. The first stop was the “View Source” in FireFox. Looking here, the HTML is correct and should show the bullets. This led me to the CSS in the BlogSphere Site Skin document for my website and find the tag for lists,

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Post Title – Blogsphere Bug resolved

OK, I posted a discussion post over on OpenNTF in the BlogSphere project about the Post title not showing up in Google Analytics. This happened after I upgraded to the 3.0.1 B8a version of BlogSphere and I moved my Google Analytics code over to the Configuration document. Well last night I got to thinking about where in the header the title tag showed up. So I got to looking and the title tag was at the very bottom of the head tag (hope that makes sense).

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News, Rambling and updates

I know I haven’t written in a while, it’s been hectic here. But I do have some news about Lotus Symphony . I picked up the latest copy of CPU Magazine and in the Bleeding Edge Software review section there was Lotus Symphony. I thought that was pretty cool

On to something else… In my previous post I talked about a bug with BlogSphere v3.0.1 B8a in the downloads section that attachments weren’t showing up.

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Upgraded to BlogSphere 3.0.1 B8a

I upgraded to BlogSphere 3.0.1 B8a this afternoon. I made a few tweaks to the template and found a couple of bugs. In the SideBlockLinks function in the RenderEngine.SideBlocks LotusScript Library the line:
If LinksDoc.Link_Windows(0) = “Yes” Then

Should Read:
If LinksDoc.Link_Window(0) = “Yes” Then

So that’s fixed here on I also modified a couple of other things. I modified the SideBlockDBColumn function in the RenderEngine.SideBlocks LotusScript library to put a “

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Enhancements to

I’ve made a few enhancements to and the BlogSphere template. Let’s start with commentor’s web sites. I noticed that if someone didn’t put the http:// in front of their URL and just put that the link actually went back to my site with the at the end of the url. So, you would click on the website link for that author and it would return a 404 error. So, I updated the TAG_BSCommentAuthorLink function in the RenderEngine.Tags lotusscript library to check if http:// was in the url,

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Comments Fixed

The comments have been fixed . I apologize for the inconvenience to everyone. Also, thanks to everyone that sent me an email telling me about the comments being broken along with their comments, I will post them here in a little while.


EDIT:All comments posted…

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Static Pages now online

OK, I’ve got my static pages online now, well, kinda. Not all of them are here yet but I’m getting there. I had to add a view because I couldn’t find to use and tweak the RenderEngine.SideBlocks lotusscript library to get the side block to display properly. Overall, not too much effort, I just have to remember to mark the design elements that I change so they don’t get updated when I upgrade the blog and hopefully it won’t break too much.

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After 5 years of hosting my own website I’ve finally broken down and moved it to a hosting provider which is Prominic. They’ve done an outstanding job of hosting the User Administration Utility website for a while now and figured that now is the time to move. I moved the website because I’m just tired of fighting off all the hackers and people trying to relay through my server and the jerks who are just a plain nuisance and try to break in just to see if they can.

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