Theme died…

So adding today’s post about the now-context element I encountered a lot of weirdness. I’ve got this blog set to autoupdate the software and plugins. Well today’s update actually broke my previous theme and caused a lot of weirdness. So, I had to go hunting for a new theme. I came across the current theme and kind-of liked how it looks so opted for this one. So…. if you run into any issues please let me know.

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I am proud to announce that has been moved back to Prominic. Prominic is an excellent host for all types of domino sites. If you're in the market for a new web host, take a look at Prominic. Their service and support is top notch and second to none.

I've learned my lesson and won't be moving this blog again. Now, I've just got to get all the different aggregators looking at instead of

Continue Reading on XBlog is now running the latest XBlog template. Well, not exactly the one on OpenNTF as this will be a test bed. But still, it’s not much different from what’s currently on OpenNTF. But look for a new version in the next few days that will fix a lot of relative URL issues. Especially issues with a URL in the address bar that doesn’t match the real URL of the blog.

It also fixes some of the style sheet and SyntaxHighlighter brush file paths.

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SnTT: Put Google Site Search Results in the Content pane of BlogSphere

As you are probably aware of, I’ve been revamping In that revamp I wanted to add a Google Custom Search (CSE) engine to search only my site. Making the CSE was easy enough with the wizard Google supplies but, I didn’t like the way that it either redirected you to a google page or you had to submit the search to another dedicated page on your site. So I set on the quest of getting the results to show up where the content of my website usually shows up.

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Cool Tool…

While looking to see if I could find some kind of emulator for mobile browsers I came across This is a tool which allows you to select browser versions to test your website with. Once the test is done screen shots of the results are published on a web page that you can look at and then download all the screen shots. It takes a little while to run, but it seems to do what it advertises.

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I went ahead and exported the DXL for my BlogSphere template and skin and made it available in the Downloads section for your enjoyment.

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Last Tweak to for today…

OK, I found one last issue. On the Downloads page/view, the comments link pointed to /d6plinks/ instead of /downloads/. So, I modified the “RenderEngine.Tags” script library, “TAG_BSCommentsURL” function to the following…

Function TAG_BSCommentsURL(blogDoc As NotesDocument,cfgdoc As notesdocument,debuglevel As Integer)
On Error Goto LogError
If DebugLevel 3 Then Call LogEvent(“Process Tag: BSCommentsURL”,0,Nothing)

If blogDoc.Form(0) = “content_Download” Then
TAG_BSCommentsURL = cfgDoc.cfg_Basic_HomeURL(0) + “/downloads/” + blogDoc.PermaLink(0) + “#Comments”
TAG_BSCommentsURL = cfgDoc.cfg_Basic_HomeURL(0) + “/d6plinks/” + blogDoc.PermaLink(0) +”#Comments”
End If

Exit Function
Call LogError
TAG_BSCommentsURL = “TAG ERROR : Check Debug Logs”

End Function

The change here is that I just check if the form being processed is a download form,

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More Tweaks to

If you visited the downloads link above since the site change, I guess you noticed that the attachments weren’t available unless you visited the Permalink URL for the download. Well, this has now been fixed.

I noticed this issue when looking at the search results on Nathan Freeman’s website, that his search results showed the attachments in his download documents that were returned by the search. Got to looking on my site and mine was doing the same thing.

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Performance Tuning…

Today I worked on tuning the performance of I don’t know if you’ll notice a difference when using broad band, but, if you’re using dial up, you should notice a significant difference.

Some of the things I changed….

  • Reduced the size of some of the larger images
  • Reduced the number of images being loaded
  • Optimized some of the < head > html and CSS

Like I said,

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Blog Redesign

OK, so I stated earlier that the new look wouldn’t be active for a couple of days… I lied

But things progressed a bit quicker than I anticipated so it’s live today. All the bug fixes mentioned earlier are now in place. As for the bug with Static Pages not displaying properly, well it seems it was a “Page Template” issue and not a code issue

One thing to note about the new layout,

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