Work with Rich Text from DDS

So you’ve created your shiny new web application using DDS and everything is really cool, except for the display of rich text. You’ve figured out that there is a multipart MIME object in the JSON delivered by DDS, and it has the HTML in that, but it still looks crappy. It has tags littered throughout and just doesn’t look good.

Well, I think I’ve got the solution for you. If you look at that multipart MIME Object and find the ‘text/html’

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I’m speaking at MWLUG 2016

We’ve gotten the approval notices and you can find me at MWLUG 2016 doing the “Design Matters 2.0” session again with Bob Kadrie. We will be showing some new content this year so be sure to attend. You can also find me in the “A Introduction to Web Components” session with Kito Mann.┬áBe sure to join us as we do a quick dive into┬áthis exciting technology.

Red Pill will once again be introducing a new presenter to the community,

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XMage, your XPrentice will surely miss you

I am truly saddened and devastated by the news I received today of the death of Tim Tripcony. I would like to express my heartfelt condolences and sympathy to Tim's family and friends. I would also like to explain how Tim helped change both my personal and professional life. The loss of Tim has already left me feeling a rather large empty space where he once stood.

Before I was hired at GBS I learned a lot from Tim's blog and the few chat sessions I had with him.

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