Cool Tool – Browster

I came across this plugin called Browster. It works in both IE and Firefox. The way it works is, when you do a search, say on Google, it puts a little lightning bolt next to the link for the page, you hover your mouse over the lightning bolt and a fully functional browser window opens up to show you the web page. Once you move your mouse out of the pop-up browser the window closes and allows you to move to the next link.

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When you get some time visit It’s a website that emulates a desktop with an e-mail application, rss reader, Open Office, an address book and some others. Once you register you’ll have a virtual hard drive and you can upload files and documents and then access those files and documents from anywhere you may have internet connectivity. It’s a pretty cool concept and I can see where it would be useful.

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Zamzar – Free online file conversion

I’ve just stumbled upon the Zamzar website which is super cool. They will convert files from one format to another for free. Their reported mission is:

To provide high quality file conversion for as many file formats as possible

As a test I converted a .avi file to a .gif file. It took a couple of minutes to fill out the form, upload the file and wait for them to send me an e-mail saying the conversion was completed.

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Product usability in relation to Lotus Notes applications…

I recently read an article concerning product usability. In that article (sorry, don’t have a link) it discussed studies of different products and how people reacted while using the product. For example, on a gas pump, before you could pump your gas you had to key in your zip code and press enter. The only problem was that the instructions never mentioned that you had to press enter, so, people would key in their zip code several times without hitting enter,

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