Samsung Galaxy S II

As an early christmas present my wife got me a new Samsung Galaxy S II from T-Mobile. This is by far the best gadget I've ever owned. My initial impression is WOW! It's very fast, much faster than my old myTouch or the LG that replaced the myTouch when it started over-heating.

The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II is a little different than the stock Galaxy S II. It sports a 1.5 GHZ Dual Core Processor (as opposed to a 1.2 GHZ Dual Core),

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Cool Chrome Debugging features

This week while troubleshooting various issues I came across some cool features of the Chrome browser. While not really all that jaw dropping they may come in handy none-the-less.

Click the wrench icon in the top right corner and then pick “View Background Pages” this will bring up a dialog which shows you how much memory and cpu the browser, each tab and each extension is using, which is pretty handy. You can also end these processes from this window.

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Best Buy PC Optimization not such a good deal….

From comes this article which goes into a full review of the changes and value of purchasing the Geek Squad PC Optimization package when you purchase a new computer at Best Buy. The article describes the steps taken and the results compared to buying an un-optimized computer.

It’s kind-of a long read, but the detail it provides is rather eye opening.

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Cool website,

I came across last week or so. It allows you to play music for free. There are apps for iPhone and Android so you can listen via those devices also. But you define your favorite artists across different genres and will provide recommendations of music you might like. For example, if you make one of your preferred artists say Trace Adkins, there is a link called “Listen to Trace Adkins Radio”

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Cool Tool…

While looking to see if I could find some kind of emulator for mobile browsers I came across This is a tool which allows you to select browser versions to test your website with. Once the test is done screen shots of the results are published on a web page that you can look at and then download all the screen shots. It takes a little while to run, but it seems to do what it advertises.

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Top 10 Developer Software packages…

Today Bob Balfe posted about his top 10 Open Source developer tools, so I thought I would follow suit. Here are my top 10 open source developer tools not in any particular order:

  • Eclipse – This is a great open source programming tool. With it’s many plug-ins you can develop in just about any language. I use it for Java, PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL programming. As Bob mentioned there are several commercial applications built on top of Eclipse and I thought I would mention another such as XMind
  • TextWrangler

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Google Abandoning Google Gears?

In an LA Times article Google states

We are excited that much of the technology in Gears, including offline support and geolocation APIs, are being incorporated into the HTML5 spec as an open standard supported across browsers, and see that as the logical next step for developers looking to include these features in their websites

We’re continuing to support Gears so that nothing breaks for sites that use it.

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Google Chrome OS – Preview

I downloaded the Chrome OS image the other day and started playing around with Chrome OS. I installed the image into Virtual Box and it runs fine, I wasn’t so lucky with Parallels. So far, the OS is very minimal, not really a whole lot to play with. It’s basically just the Chrome browser running everything. If you close all the browser tabs, it relaunches the browser. The OS itself is very clean looking and minimalistic,

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First Glimpse at What the Chrome Browser May Look Like in Chrome OS

From LifeHacker :

Over the weekend someone stumbled onto a Chrome browser build for Chrome OS on Google’s servers. We’ve seen several false-alarm looks at Chrome OS, and while it is only the browser, it provides a glimpse into the direction Google’s going.

the Chrome browser would likely be the main, basic windowing system for Chrome OS.

Here’s the link for the entire post. I thought this was interesting,

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