Thoughts on TypeScript

Over the past few months I’ve started working pretty extensively with TypeScript. For those of you who don’t know what TypeScript is:

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.

It provides strong types to JavaScript. It allows for the creation of classes and enforces those classes in your code. If you define a Redpill.Widget class, you can then use that class in your code and the editor enforces the rules you define within that class.

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Web Component Thoughts….

The past 1.5 years I’ve been working exclusively with Web Components and specifically Polymer. The more I use this technology the more convinced I am that this is the technology I should be using. Now, I’m not saying that Web Components and Polymer are hammers and every problem/project is a nail. However it’s quite refreshing that Polymer’s goal is to make itself irrelevant. What does that mean, Polymer is there temporarily until the browsers decide upon common standards and implement those standards.

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Just…. NO,NO,NO

This week I attended MWLUG in Alexandria, VA. This was an awesome event, so many good speakers, good content and excellent camaraderie. I can’t say it enough, but Richard Moy and his team put on such a good event.

So, I spoke to a couple of developers who are writing client JavaScript in Domino Designer. While Domino Designer is capable of allowing you to write JavaScript, all I can say is STOP!

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Goodbye Evernote

I’ve been using Evernote for a few years now and have enjoyed it’s feature set and the ability to plan and document a complex project (namely home/shop projects) with shopping lists, ideas, etc. But recently every time I attempt to use Evernote to create a quick note or maybe just jot something down, I’m presented with a request to upgrade to a pay plan, or to update or just general advertising. I can no longer just open it and create a note.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone is having a great holiday. I thought now might be a good time to look back over the year and review some of the technology I’ve dealt with.

Surface Pro 4: Last year I got a Surface Pro 4 tablet. I started the process of switching to it instead of my aging MacBook Pro. While I REALLY like the hardware and how everything works there were just a few issues which got on my nerves so bad I couldn’t ever completely make the switch.

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Visual Studio Code Editor

I’ve been using the Visual Studio Code editor for the last couple of weeks and thought I would share my experience. I’ve mainly used this in a plain ‘ole polymer application which consists of html files. Using the editor this way has shown some of it’s shortcomings. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a fine editor and has a lot of features I really like. However with CSS, HTML and JavaScript all residing in the same file,

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What is Modern?

I've been working a lot lately towards the concept of a modern application. What exactly makes an application modern? Is it the UI? What about the platform the application runs on? Is modern just a feeling the user experiences? If so, what determines that the experience is modern?

These questions make me think that what determines something is modern is all of the things questioned above. A modern application must have a modern user interface that runs on a modern platform.

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Feeding Innovation and rewarding success

Over on Tim's Blog he made a post about being at Lotus 911/GBS for 5 years (Congrats Tim) and in that post he stated:

I've learned more, had more fun, been more inspired, and been witness to (and, occasionally, even integral to) more amazing innovation in the past few years than I even imagined possible.

This got me to thinking on just how does a company drive innovation and foster an innovative environment that makes people want to be a part of it?

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Samsung Galaxy S II

As an early christmas present my wife got me a new Samsung Galaxy S II from T-Mobile. This is by far the best gadget I've ever owned. My initial impression is WOW! It's very fast, much faster than my old myTouch or the LG that replaced the myTouch when it started over-heating.

The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II is a little different than the stock Galaxy S II. It sports a 1.5 GHZ Dual Core Processor (as opposed to a 1.2 GHZ Dual Core),

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Cool Chrome Debugging features

This week while troubleshooting various issues I came across some cool features of the Chrome browser. While not really all that jaw dropping they may come in handy none-the-less.

Click the wrench icon in the top right corner and then pick “View Background Pages” this will bring up a dialog which shows you how much memory and cpu the browser, each tab and each extension is using, which is pretty handy. You can also end these processes from this window.

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