Just rambling about nothing really…

I’ve recently become addicted to Boston Legal. I really like that show, I don’t think anything on TV has ever made me laugh so hard. But here’s a clip that was on last week (I think) that I thought hilarious.

On another note, I’ve been very busy of late. I’ve redesigned our flying club’s website. It was in dire need of a face lift and to be brought current with features like internet voting,

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My co-authored article on IBM developerWorks

My first ever published article now appears on IBM developerWorks. It’s called BlammoSplat: Build a community Web site of Open Laszlo animations, Part 1. This is a big deal for me as it’s my first article (of I hope many) and it’s something I’ve worked on almost nightly for the past month along with Nicholas Chase who wrote the Java, XML and done all the OpenLaszlo stuff.

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