Web Component Thoughts….

The past 1.5 years I’ve been working exclusively with Web Components and specifically Polymer. The more I use this technology the more convinced I am that this is the technology I should be using. Now, I’m not saying that Web Components and Polymer are hammers and every problem/project is a nail. However it’s quite refreshing that Polymer’s goal is to make itself irrelevant. What does that mean, Polymer is there temporarily until the browsers decide upon common standards and implement those standards.

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Mobile First Development

At Red Pill Development, Peter Presnell has encouraged our development efforts to use a "Mobile First" approach. The process is that you design your mobile interface first, get everything working properly and then move on from there to Tablet and then Web Browser interfaces re-using as much as possible from the previously working mobile implementation. This approach has several advantages:

  • It forces you to research, gather requirements and only display and write code for the things you actually NEED
  • The flow of the application will be defined by the mobile interface
  • It shapes the direction of the entire project
  • It forces you into thinking differently
  • Makes the next interface implementations easier

At first I fought this approach as it was easier for me to come up with a browser based solution quickly.

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Wouldn’t it be cool if….

Wouldn't it be cool if we could integrate some off the wall feature into our XPages environment? This is a phrase that gets used quite a bit in the team I work with and I think is a key driver to innovation, discussion and a source of producing excitement about whatever followed that phrase. While the phrase itself isn't very awe inspiring or really doesn't mean that much, I do think it is a key player in driving innovation.

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Cool Debugging Video – Courtesy of Matt White

Over on Matt White ‘s website he posted a video of the Flash Builder Reverse Debugger which is really cool. It shows the ability (among others) for a user when they encounter an error in the application they’re using being able to send a debug file to the developer. Once the developer gets this file he/she can load it up in the debugger and see exactly what they were doing when they encountered the error including variable values and the like.

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