Handy freebie…

I’ve posted a little DB I developed for copying databases over in the downloads section. It works OK, especially for the price


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I forgot where I saw this tool but I believe it was on one of the Lotus community blogs. I’ve been using WinMerge now for quite a few months and I think it is a great tool. It allows you to compare 2 text files with each other and it highlights the differences between the 2 files and allows you to merge the differences. Pretty cool! Now I’m sure it probably does more,

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Firefox 3 initial impression

I downloaded Firefox 3 yesterday and so far I like it. I was pleased to see almost all of my extensions were supported in version 3 with the exception of Colorzilla, at least as of yesterday, today it seems that it’s supported

So after using this for most of the day yesterday and this morning I think (I may be wrong) but it seems to be faster than version 2.

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Post Title – Blogsphere Bug resolved

OK, I posted a discussion post over on OpenNTF in the BlogSphere project about the Post title not showing up in Google Analytics. This happened after I upgraded to the 3.0.1 B8a version of BlogSphere and I moved my Google Analytics code over to the Configuration document. Well last night I got to thinking about where in the header the title tag showed up. So I got to looking and the title tag was at the very bottom of the head tag (hope that makes sense).

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News, Rambling and updates

I know I haven’t written in a while, it’s been hectic here. But I do have some news about Lotus Symphony . I picked up the latest copy of CPU Magazine and in the Bleeding Edge Software review section there was Lotus Symphony. I thought that was pretty cool

On to something else… In my previous post I talked about a bug with BlogSphere v3.0.1 B8a in the downloads section that attachments weren’t showing up.

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New Look for OpenNTF

OpenNTF has a new look. Take a looksee.


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LotusScript.doc and Design Catalog

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while and I apologize about that, and with LotusPhere coming up there is a lot of excitment here in the Lotus Community. Unfortunately I won’t be attending this year, but hopefully next year I’ll be back.

I’ve recently started looking for ways to document and manage the functions and classes I use in almost every application I develop. I came across LotusScript.doc which does create some very nice documentation which is viewable on the web.

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The Gimp 2.4

While reading entries in my blog reader I came across an article (sorry, can’t find where that post was from now) specifying some great Gimp tutorial websites. I’ve spent a little time browsing these sites and from what I’ve found there they are great sites with a lot of information and tutorials for using the Gimp to accomplish different tasks. Also, I was using Gimp v2.2 and discovered that Gimp v2.4 has been released.

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