Biloxi Trip

We visited Biloxi, Mississippi this weekend for a gambling trip which, needless to say, we lost . But, we drove down the coast to see if Treasure Bay was open or if they were re-building. The entire treasure ship was gone (saw it on the news sitting in the middle of U.S. 90), the hotel was a chambles but they did have the 1st floor open for slot machine gaming and they were rebuilding.

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Thanks to the UI Gurus…

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Nathan Freeman for a set of articles that he wrote about creating a fluid UI,
rounded corners and using gradients. Nathan’s and Chris’s websites and LotusPhere 2007 session also showed me about using layers to display additional information about information in a form or for additional controls, etc. So Thanks Nathan and Chris for all the information you put out about creating better user interfaces.

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Lotus Notes Developer’s Toolbox: Tips for Rapid and Successful Deployment

The book Lotus Notes Developer’s Toolbox: Tips for Rapid and Successful Deployment by Mark Elliott arrived on my doorstep today. I was one of the editors for the book and my name shows up in the Acknowledgements, it’s the last name there, but it’s there. I know that’s not a big deal for quite a few in the Lotus Blogosphere, but for me, seeing my name in that book was really cool. This is the first book I’ve ever been asked to participate in and I wasn’t so sure to begin with as they asked for some personal information,

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New Tool by Axialis

I’ve recently had the need for a new tool to make icons. I stumbled across this tool from Axialis. The ease of creating quality icons is absolutely fabulous and for someone with little to no imagination, like myself, it’s a breeze to create very appealing icons for navigation purposes.

The IconWorkshop comes with many different icon shapes and symbols, pretty much everything you’ll need to make an icon.

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Busy, Busy, Busy…

Sorry I haven’t posted of late, but it’s been very hectic here. I’ve started a new job with Unisys supporting the GSA which is a government entitiy which takes care of federal buildings. But once things settle down a bit I’ll be back to posting.


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