The new iMac CS (Coffee Sub)

From LifeHacker today:

Have you ever wondered why the coffeemaker in your kitchen doesn’t have a subwoofer attached to it? Us too! And if you’re going to put a sub on there, you might as well include a Mac mini, right? And when you really think about it, isn’t the only case worthy of holding all that stuff an iMac DV? It just makes sense.

I just thought this was a cool idea,

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First attempt at a background image

Ok, so this is my first attempt at creating a background image for my PC. Normally I just browse around deviantArt until I find something that strikes my fancy. The stipled background is from an icon package I downloaded at some point in time called Black Gloss DA. As for the apple logo, I took a black image with a white apple logo in it and then just modified the apple icon part of that image.

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Handy-Dandy Folder Action scripts

I don’t recall where I got these from, but they sure are handy. In Mac OSX, you can define a Folder Action script which will run anytime a file is added to that folder. Since I mess with Notes and we all know that it won’t accept PNG images, we have to convert them to GIF or JPG. So after starting to make an Automator script to do this (This one is from Apple Inc.),

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XMind – Mind Mapping software

The other day while looking for a Mind Manager replacement I stumbled across XMind. This is an Eclipse based application that has all the features I frequently used in Mind Manager. I had tried using Mind Meister but I just couldn’t get past the way you modify your mind map, it just took too long.

But the feature set for XMind is great, it includes many features that you only find in the “pay for”

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Adapting to the Mac…

A while back I posted that I had gotten an iMac and how much I liked it. But since getting the iMac how have I adapted to using it? Do I still need Windows? Is there anything I can’t do on my Mac that I could do on Windows? Have I become a Mac “Fan boy”? So, I thought I would post my experience now that I’ve gotten settled in to using the Mac day in and day out.

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Layers bug in Lotus Notes 8.5 for Mac?

I was working a little bit last night on an application for work which I developed. I was testing to ensure the content on a layer was correct. But I noticed that the layer didn’t display properly, it shows up behind the fields. I tried it on a different form and got the same experience. So, is this a bug?

Here is a screenshot from Lotus Notes 8.5 on Mac OSX 10.5.7:

Here is a screenshot from Lotus Notes 8.5 on Windows 7:

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Mac Dialog gripe…

Today while trying to tidy up the home network a little bit I came across a file copy dialog that isn’t very helpful. Actually, it is if you’re only copying one thing, but if you’re copying multiple items, not so much.
So, where is the filename it’s copying to TempBackup? Like I said, if you’re copying one item…. not too big a deal, but if you’re copying several not very useful.

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Cool Mac apps I’ve found so far…

OK, since I’ve moved my day job work over to the Mac I’ve found some pretty cool apps that are getting quite a bit of use. I thought I should mention these as they’re all Open Source and fill in the gaps from me moving from my Windows workstation to the Mac and they relate to my work and not my play. Now I realise some of these were pointed out the other day, but I think we need the list of apps that have ended up on the machine and that are getting used all in one place.

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Life with the Mac, so far…

OK, we’ve had the Mac now for exactly a week and since my wife drives into the office I have been using it for my day to day work and I’m still impressed with how well it runs and multitasks. I’ve made myself an account on the machine so I can install the tools I need, customize the desktop, setup a virtual machine to run Domino 8.5 in, etc. and not affect her OS experience.

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We got a Mac!

This past weekend my wife purchased her/our first Mac! She got the 24″ 2.66Ghz iMac. Being the tech savy (sic) guy I am I of course had to set it all up to work the way she works, install parallels, boot camp, our network stuff, etc. I must say my initial reaction to the Mac is that I’m very impressed. The screen is huge, bright and everything looks great!

After going through the very short setup routine on first boot,

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