LotusPhere 2011 review

Well LotusPhere 2011 has come to a close. I’m writing this while sitting at the Orlando Airport waiting on a delayed flight. I enjoyed this year’s LotusPhere more than previous ones but I believe that’s because I didn’t go alone. I hung out with the guys from GBS and had a great time.

The sessions this year the sessions seemed a little beginner level but some were very good. If I had to give a “Best Of”

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Boldly going where everyone else has already been?

Well I’ve officially been thrown into the Java pool. As you may/may not be aware of products that GBS is currently working on, my current position has required quite a bit of custom component development, tweaking and re-writing of existing components. With guidance from the best in the business I’m starting to understand Java more every day.

I think my initial apprehension with the language is that it’s strongly typed. As a Java newb you try something only to be complained at from whatever IDE you’re working in.

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LotusPhere Day 3 and 4 review and wrap up

Yesterday was a pretty full day and attended some good sessions. Of particular note was my visit with Martin Donnelly about a calendar view for XPages. He was battling with a nightly build of Lotus Domino Designer so he was to say the least experiencing some issues, coupled with a software update being pushed to his computer, the experience left me a little wanting to say the least. As I told Martin there are 7000 people at LotusPhere and only a handful of IBM developers and everyone wants time with them,

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LotusPhere Day 3

OK, so I started the day off meeting “The Grumpies” which consist of Bob Balaban and Paul Mooney. It was a very entertaining session and they gave good advice on when to say no or direct your customer in another direction or to just ask the all important question of why. I don’t think we ask this question enough as developers and just go about doing whatever the customer asked us to do. But we need to learn to say no sometimes and ask more questions.

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LotusPhere 2010 – Day 2 review… So, far

Well day 2 of LotusPhere 2010 is in full swing. Today’s sessions have been excellent. “The Great Code Giveaway” showed some awesome techniques for extending a lotus notes application to any type of platform whether lotus notes is present or not, which some of it I would have never thought of, especially the sametime bot, very cool.

The session on migrating your existing apps to XPages was also very cool. Since that session I have come upon a question of: Is it possible to replicate the functionality of a Lotus Notes Calendar view?

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LotusPhere 2010 – Day 1 review

OK, well all my sessions are done for today. I attended the Worst Practices session by Paul Mooney and Bill Buchan and as usual they were very entertaining and informative. This is a must see anytime they do this. I also attended the Filthy Rich User Interfaces session which was a little misleading. It was about extending the Lotus Notes client with widgets, plug-ins, etc. While they did put out some good information it was a little dry.

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Opening General Session – Live Blog

I just arrived at the LotusPhere 2010 General Session. I was able to get a decent seat right off the bat which is surprising seeing as how I overslept this morning. But if you’re following along I’ll keep refreshing this post as things are added. I’ll fix the formatting later…

Got slides scrolling by… lotusknows.com had 19,000 visits on it’s first day
3.5 millino seats added to Lotus Quickr
10 million seats added to Lotus Symphony
12,000 new customers for Lotus Notes and Domino since the 8.0 release
1/3 of all new sametime installations are microsoft exchange customers

Lights dimming,

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LotusPhere Day 0 review

Today was a great day. I learned a lot in all the sessions I attended and they were all very informative. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, my feet already hurt, but it’s all worth it.

At the Reception party I met a few other bloggers. Bruce Elgort spotted me and said hello, I also got to meet Kevin Petit for the first time really and also met Richard Schwartz. I saw Jess Stratton but didn’t get a chance to meet her,

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More Session review…

The JMP 105: XML and Web Service Jumpstart session was very good. Paul Calhoun put out a lot of information on XML and Web Services. The tympo was very fast paced as he covered what was normally a 2 session agenda. But he certainly inspired me to delve a little deeper in to XML and Web Services. He also cleared up a lot of my misconceptions of XML and Web Services. I’m looking forward to messing with both topics in the very near future.

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LotusPhere 2010…

I arrived at LotusPhere 2010 last night! I wasn’t able to make it to the B.A.L.D party unfortunately, but I was there in mind. After finally arriving at my hotel, there seemed to be a mis-communication on the status of the bill, but it was all resolved and as always the Disney crew were very helpful and courteous. So, after checking into LotusPhere I headed back to the hotel to eat and get some rest before the long week ahead.

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