Dynamic navigation in the Lotus Notes client?

I’m currently working on a project at work where we need to come up with a dynamic navigation structure for the Lotus Notes client, not the web client. This application that we’re modifying currently has hard-coded views with hard-coded navigators pointing to said views. They also want the navigation to retain it’s current looks, but that’s another issue for another time.

One of the things we’ve been trying so far is using a categorized view in the left most “Nav”

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Top 10 Developer Software packages…

Today Bob Balfe posted about his top 10 Open Source developer tools, so I thought I would follow suit. Here are my top 10 open source developer tools not in any particular order:

  • Eclipse – This is a great open source programming tool. With it’s many plug-ins you can develop in just about any language. I use it for Java, PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL programming. As Bob mentioned there are several commercial applications built on top of Eclipse and I thought I would mention another such as XMind
  • TextWrangler

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Private Calendar Folder – Display issue

I’m not sure if this is a bug with a calendar or with my thinking, I’m sure it’s the latter. So, I turn to you oh gentle reader, to guide me to the proper technique or point out something that I’ve obviously missed.

So, here’s the scenario… I’ve got a Shared/Private on First Use folder that displays as a calendar. Users pick what they want to show in the calendar which kicks off a script that goes and gets the requested documents and puts them in said folder and then displays the contents of the folder.

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LotusScript, Dates and Times… Oh my

I’ve been messing with Date/Times here a lot lately and it’s behaviour is rather inconsistent to say the least, especially NotesDateTime.LSLocalTime Sometimes it returns 06/18/2009 01:00:00 PM, other times it returns 6/18/2009 1:00:00 PM. I was wanting to use the Date/Time to do a lookup in a view, but due to the inconsistenc of LSLocalTime I’ve resorted to converting the Date/Time to a double and using that instead. This behaves much more reliably as you get the same number no matter what.

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Old App blues…

I’m currently working on a very large project that involves re-writing a bunch of apps that are part of a suite of applications and this suite is being used at multiple sites. These applications were written in the early 90s I assume, probably version 4.5? But this thing is full of hard coded references to many of the other databases and hardly any of the code is reusable in any way. Also, there are little pieces of code that reach out to these various databases from the various databases.

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Layers bug in Lotus Notes 8.5 for Mac?

I was working a little bit last night on an application for work which I developed. I was testing to ensure the content on a layer was correct. But I noticed that the layer didn’t display properly, it shows up behind the fields. I tried it on a different form and got the same experience. So, is this a bug?

Here is a screenshot from Lotus Notes 8.5 on Mac OSX 10.5.7:

Here is a screenshot from Lotus Notes 8.5 on Windows 7:

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SnTT: Using the Google Charts class to put Charts in a Lotus Notes application

The other day I posted about a Google Charts class I created to make it easier to put a Google Chart in your Lotus Notes/Domino application. Well, this SnTT will show you how you can incorporate this class and display some pretty charts in the Lotus Notes client. I’ve done other articles about using charts in your Lotus Notes applications, but I think this is probably the easiest and most elegant way of showing a chart.

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Google Charts Class

I created a class for building the URL for a Google Chart. It’s kind-of a simple little class and is only for Line charts, Bar charts and Pie Charts. While the properties will support multiple data sets, the function that builds the actual URL doesn’t currently support multiple datasets. Hopefully this will be a future enhancement. I got the initial idea from a post over on Jack Dausman’s site after seeing that Google Charts now supports gif images.

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Lotus Domino Designer 8.5 – Initial feelings/thoughts/etc.

I’ve been messing around with Lotus Notes 8.5 here lately and I must say this is a much better release than the 8.0.1 (never messed with 8.0.2) release. The designer client is also nice but I have run into a couple of things that are irrating to me.

  • Takes forever to open an application. This might actually be an issue with my machine as I only have 512MB of RAM
  • When you highlight a form or whatever in the main perspective/window/whatever and then in the properties that are shown below,

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