Source Control in Domino Designer – Branching

In the previous 2 installments we've setup source control in DDE, ensured we can push/pull to/from the repository and went over importing code from a repository into a new nsf. Today we will be covering creating a new branch, making a change in that branch and then merging the change back into the main code stream. This is a very powerful feature of git and is an excellent way to keep "active development" separate from your production code.

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Source Control in Domino Designer – Part Deux

In part one of this series, we setup source control within domino designer to allow us to store our designs in a git repository. In this installment we will create a new application with the design stored in git. This allows us to have multiple working copies of an application without having to use replicas. So let's get to it.

I'm assuming that you're picking up where we left off in the first installment which is with a working git configuration and you're able to Push and Fetch to/from upstream.

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Source Control in Domino Designer

Yesterday I watched David Leedy's NotesIn9 series and in that video he mentioned Source Code Management (SCM). When I started work at GBS I was introduced to SCM. At first this was an alien concept as I believe 98% of notes developers have no idea what SCM is or what it can provide to them. But since I've been introduced to SCM I don't know how I managed without it. Pretty much everything I develop at work and personally goes to a git server and when I'm done with the development I just delete it from DDE and possibly even the domino server.

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