Eclipse Shortcuts

To save everyone a little bit of time, here is a list of shortcuts for Eclipse/Domino Designer:

  • Alt-Up/Down – Move the current or selected line(s) up/down
  • Ctrl-Alt-Up/Down – Make a copy of the current or selected line(s)
  • Ctrl-D – Delete the current or selected line(s)
  • Ctrl-Hover over Java Class/Method – Produces a clickable link to that Class/Method
  • Ctrl-Right/Left Arrow – Move to the next word or capitalized letter in the direction pressed
  • Ctrl-Space –

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Boldly going where everyone else has already been?

Well I’ve officially been thrown into the Java pool. As you may/may not be aware of products that GBS is currently working on, my current position has required quite a bit of custom component development, tweaking and re-writing of existing components. With guidance from the best in the business I’m starting to understand Java more every day.

I think my initial apprehension with the language is that it’s strongly typed. As a Java newb you try something only to be complained at from whatever IDE you’re working in.

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Top 10 Developer Software packages…

Today Bob Balfe posted about his top 10 Open Source developer tools, so I thought I would follow suit. Here are my top 10 open source developer tools not in any particular order:

  • Eclipse – This is a great open source programming tool. With it’s many plug-ins you can develop in just about any language. I use it for Java, PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL programming. As Bob mentioned there are several commercial applications built on top of Eclipse and I thought I would mention another such as XMind
  • TextWrangler

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Eclipse Visual Editor experience

I’ve recently been messing around with the Eclipse Visual Editor to create a helper application for a friend’s online store. This application will be kind-of a remote inventory tracking utility. He attends a bunch of fun flies throughout the year. While at the fun fly he doesn’t have any internet connectivity and as he sells stuff he has no way of keeping track of his inventory. He is wanting a way to scan items as he sells them and then when he gets home to be able to update the website inventory easily without having to inventory everything.

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