SnTT: Making a Back button for the Notes Client

I’m working on a database to track who clicks buttons which are sent out via e-mail. I’ve got a frameset with 3 frames. One frame has the header at the top, the left side frame contains the views and the right side frame contains the documents in the views and we’re also opening documents in this frame. The problem is when you close an opened document it closes the whole database, no good. So, we need a back button to go back to the view which we came from,

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SnTT: Using the Log Analysis tool

I haven’t been posting very often of late and while I haven’t been posting I have come up with some good post ideas. Of course I finished the 2 part series of moving users within the hierarchy and today I bring you a Show-n-Tell Thursday post about using the Log Analysis tool within the Notes Administrator client. If you’ve ever started looking for a particular event within the log, say a certain failure that happened on 11/21/2006 but you don’t know what time it happened,

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AdminP Class – Completing the MoveUserInHierarchy

A while back I promised to do a Show-n-Tell Thursday article about the MoveUserInHierarchyComplete method which is part of the NotesAdministrationProcess class of LotusScript. Well, I finally broke down and finished it. This method will allow you to create your own agent to complete the move of people in-mass to another certifier, which if you’ve ever looked at tools to do this you know that they are very costly. So, when this method is used in conjunction with this method you have yourself a very nice solution for moving people,

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Product usability in relation to Lotus Notes applications…

I recently read an article concerning product usability. In that article (sorry, don’t have a link) it discussed studies of different products and how people reacted while using the product. For example, on a gas pump, before you could pump your gas you had to key in your zip code and press enter. The only problem was that the instructions never mentioned that you had to press enter, so, people would key in their zip code several times without hitting enter,

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Workspace and Bookmarks frustration

I’ve recently been tasked with adding bookmarks to the workspace and/or a folder on the far left of the Lotus Notes window with links to people’s old archive files. I’ve come to the conclusion that Lotus must not have intended us as developers to mess with this. But the flow should go something like this:

  1. In LotusScript I need to get all the user’s current archive filenames from their home directory
  2. Add bookmarks for the archive files that are being moved to an archive server to the user’s bookmark bar on the far left of the Lotus Notes window


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Cool UI Resources

At my new job I’ve inherited an application that has a butt ugly interface. It’s applications like these that spur websites like Lotus Notes Sucks. Now I’ve read through a lot of that website and I must say that there is a lot of sense and lessons to be had from this website, but that’s another post for another day.

But back to that ugly application. I am just itching to redesign the UI for that application,

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Cool resource by Alan Lepofsky

Alan posted this article today which contains some cool resources for Lotus Notes development. I visited this link which shows how to do several things with the NotesAdministrationProcess class of LotusScript (which by the way I posted about yesterday). I haven’t had a chance to throughly read that article yet, but I’m hoping that something about getting the Note ID of the AdminP request is mentioned there as I haven’t been able to successfully get the Note ID of the request to date (maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong).

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