Polymer and Webpack

I’ve started using Webpack in my build process and I must say, I’m quite impressed. So over the past couple of years my build process has migrated a bit. I started by using Grunt, moved to Gulp and then created my own build process to address some custom items working with Red Pill’s infrastructures and Domino. But since finding Webpack, I’m finding that it does a much better job, with much less effort.


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Replacing Lotus is…. complex

If you followed Peter’s series on replacing Lotus he outlined some of the pitfalls, processes and decision points to undertake for success. I wanted to point out the technical side to a lot of those decisions. The short answer is that you need a tool to surface your domino data en-masse until such a time when decisions are made on each application. I have been working on that solution for quite some time now and I have to say,

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Domino svg support

I’ve been messing with the Polymer vaadin-grid. If you enable hidable columns, a little graphic svg icon shows in the top right hand corner of the grid that produces a drop down menu of all the columns in the grid. You click one and it’ll hide that column.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.04.43 AM

This was working great when running from my local gulp server. However when I put it on Domino, the little icon wasn’t showing,

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IBM Please fix Domino authentication

Welcome to keithstric.me. The new home of my blog. Due to my inaction I ended up loosing keithstric.com. I was able to move the past 10 years worth of blog posts here, but I’m still missing the first 4 years of posts. Oh well, guess that’s what happens when you ignore a problem. But let’s get to my rant.

I’m building an application using just Polymer. It’s a RESTful application so all server communication is via¬†AJAX requests.

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My first impressions of using Titanium Appcelerator

A couple of weeks ago I started messing with Titanium Appcelerator. Coming from Domino Designer and Eclipse the IDE will look very familiar. It's eclipse and it's based off of Aptana Studio. I guess the biggest issue to being productive is the learning curve for the API. But honestly when is that not the case?

So starting to delve into this, Titanium apps are purely client side javascript based.

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What is Modern?

I've been working a lot lately towards the concept of a modern application. What exactly makes an application modern? Is it the UI? What about the platform the application runs on? Is modern just a feeling the user experiences? If so, what determines that the experience is modern?

These questions make me think that what determines something is modern is all of the things questioned above. A modern application must have a modern user interface that runs on a modern platform.

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Blogsphere bugs…

I’ve been using the Blogsphere template since it first came out and haven’t looked back. BlogSphere and the OpenNTF mail template are the templates that really opened the world’s eyes to OpenNTF and the benefits of an OpenSource community for the Lotus faithful. However, since version 3.x of blogsphere there have been a couple of bugs that really bugged me. These bugs didn’t really hurt the overall feel of Blogsphere but are really just little annoyances.

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iNotes Frustration

One of my customers tasked me with what I thought would be a simple little addition to the iNotes mail template. He wanted to add a link to the iNotesOutline that opened in a new window to his company intranet. Sounds simple right? Think again. For the life of me I can’t get this to work. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff to no avail. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Added an URL outline entry to the iNotesOutline with the URL to the intranet site (http://intranet.company.com) in the “Value”

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XPages experience and resources

I’ve recently started messing with XPages and I think I like it. Now there is a rather steep learning curve for XPages, especially if your web development hat is as dusty as mine. I even had to bust out the “Beginning JavaScript” book by Paul Wilton (which is an excellent JavaScript reference). But learning them is certainly doable, and quite fun (in a geek sort-of way). But this trek started with an OpenSource project I’ve been working on which I mentioned a little over a month ago.

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Looks similar…

Was just looking around over on the LifeHacker website and found this article about Zoho Writer 2.0. Other than it appears to be competing with Google Docs I think it looks a lot like Lotus Notes 8.x. Kinda cool.


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