Just…. NO,NO,NO

This week I attended MWLUG in Alexandria, VA. This was an awesome event, so many good speakers, good content and excellent camaraderie. I can’t say it enough, but Richard Moy and his team put on such a good event.

So, I spoke to a couple of developers who are writing client JavaScript in Domino Designer. While Domino Designer is capable of allowing you to write JavaScript, all I can say is STOP!

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Source Control in Domino Designer

Yesterday I watched David Leedy's NotesIn9 series and in that video he mentioned Source Code Management (SCM). When I started work at GBS I was introduced to SCM. At first this was an alien concept as I believe 98% of notes developers have no idea what SCM is or what it can provide to them. But since I've been introduced to SCM I don't know how I managed without it. Pretty much everything I develop at work and personally goes to a git server and when I'm done with the development I just delete it from DDE and possibly even the domino server.

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