SnTT: Put Google Site Search Results in the Content pane of BlogSphere

As you are probably aware of, I’ve been revamping In that revamp I wanted to add a Google Custom Search (CSE) engine to search only my site. Making the CSE was easy enough with the wizard Google supplies but, I didn’t like the way that it either redirected you to a google page or you had to submit the search to another dedicated page on your site. So I set on the quest of getting the results to show up where the content of my website usually shows up.

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BlogSphere tags defined

Over the past month or so I’ve been working on making a better looking BlogSphere blog. During all the tweaks, changes and fixes I’ve come to learn a lot more about all the tags available within BlogSphere.

Tags are used to put dynamic content within your BlogSphere template which is what allows you to fully customize the way your blog is laid out and also allows you to build links and use common text throughout your site to give it a more consistent look and feel across all areas of the site.

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I went ahead and exported the DXL for my BlogSphere template and skin and made it available in the Downloads section for your enjoyment.

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Last Tweak to for today…

OK, I found one last issue. On the Downloads page/view, the comments link pointed to /d6plinks/ instead of /downloads/. So, I modified the “RenderEngine.Tags” script library, “TAG_BSCommentsURL” function to the following…

Function TAG_BSCommentsURL(blogDoc As NotesDocument,cfgdoc As notesdocument,debuglevel As Integer)
On Error Goto LogError
If DebugLevel 3 Then Call LogEvent(“Process Tag: BSCommentsURL”,0,Nothing)

If blogDoc.Form(0) = “content_Download” Then
TAG_BSCommentsURL = cfgDoc.cfg_Basic_HomeURL(0) + “/downloads/” + blogDoc.PermaLink(0) + “#Comments”
TAG_BSCommentsURL = cfgDoc.cfg_Basic_HomeURL(0) + “/d6plinks/” + blogDoc.PermaLink(0) +”#Comments”
End If

Exit Function
Call LogError
TAG_BSCommentsURL = “TAG ERROR : Check Debug Logs”

End Function

The change here is that I just check if the form being processed is a download form,

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More Tweaks to

If you visited the downloads link above since the site change, I guess you noticed that the attachments weren’t available unless you visited the Permalink URL for the download. Well, this has now been fixed.

I noticed this issue when looking at the search results on Nathan Freeman’s website, that his search results showed the attachments in his download documents that were returned by the search. Got to looking on my site and mine was doing the same thing.

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Blogsphere bugs…

I’ve been using the Blogsphere template since it first came out and haven’t looked back. BlogSphere and the OpenNTF mail template are the templates that really opened the world’s eyes to OpenNTF and the benefits of an OpenSource community for the Lotus faithful. However, since version 3.x of blogsphere there have been a couple of bugs that really bugged me. These bugs didn’t really hurt the overall feel of Blogsphere but are really just little annoyances.

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Blogsphere, lists and images… Oh my!

The other day I was noticing that when I included a list in my blog posts that the bullet image wasn’t showing up. So, I started digging through the code a little bit. The first stop was the “View Source” in FireFox. Looking here, the HTML is correct and should show the bullets. This led me to the CSS in the BlogSphere Site Skin document for my website and find the tag for lists,

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Post Title – Blogsphere Bug resolved

OK, I posted a discussion post over on OpenNTF in the BlogSphere project about the Post title not showing up in Google Analytics. This happened after I upgraded to the 3.0.1 B8a version of BlogSphere and I moved my Google Analytics code over to the Configuration document. Well last night I got to thinking about where in the header the title tag showed up. So I got to looking and the title tag was at the very bottom of the head tag (hope that makes sense).

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News, Rambling and updates

I know I haven’t written in a while, it’s been hectic here. But I do have some news about Lotus Symphony . I picked up the latest copy of CPU Magazine and in the Bleeding Edge Software review section there was Lotus Symphony. I thought that was pretty cool

On to something else… In my previous post I talked about a bug with BlogSphere v3.0.1 B8a in the downloads section that attachments weren’t showing up.

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ExcelData class update and BlogSphere v3.0.1 B8a bug

I was looking at this post over on developerWorks and went looking for the URL to my ExcelData class only to find out that in the downloads section, all the download documents didn’t contain their attachments So, I submitted another bug over on OpenNTF.

But, I’ve made some changes to my ExcelData class to include some more features and functionality. I also fixed a few bugs that I’ve encountered over the last few months.

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