SnTT: Making a Back button for the Notes Client

I’m working on a database to track who clicks buttons which are sent out via e-mail. I’ve got a frameset with 3 frames. One frame has the header at the top, the left side frame contains the views and the right side frame contains the documents in the views and we’re also opening documents in this frame. The problem is when you close an opened document it closes the whole database, no good. So, we need a back button to go back to the view which we came from,

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Cool Tool – Browster

I came across this plugin called Browster. It works in both IE and Firefox. The way it works is, when you do a search, say on Google, it puts a little lightning bolt next to the link for the page, you hover your mouse over the lightning bolt and a fully functional browser window opens up to show you the web page. Once you move your mouse out of the pop-up browser the window closes and allows you to move to the next link.

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When you get some time visit It’s a website that emulates a desktop with an e-mail application, rss reader, Open Office, an address book and some others. Once you register you’ll have a virtual hard drive and you can upload files and documents and then access those files and documents from anywhere you may have internet connectivity. It’s a pretty cool concept and I can see where it would be useful.

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SnTT: Using the Log Analysis tool

I haven’t been posting very often of late and while I haven’t been posting I have come up with some good post ideas. Of course I finished the 2 part series of moving users within the hierarchy and today I bring you a Show-n-Tell Thursday post about using the Log Analysis tool within the Notes Administrator client. If you’ve ever started looking for a particular event within the log, say a certain failure that happened on 11/21/2006 but you don’t know what time it happened,

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Spammers…. grrrr

OK, this is kind-of stupid. I saw this in this site’s spam control system called Akismet Spam. This spam solution seems to work pretty well and catches 99% of the comment spam here. But this one was kind-of stupid. Advertising a spam solution via spam… some people I tell ya.

Stupid spam

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Let the games begin…

Well, it’s started. We’ve officially started cooking for Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday. We’ve started baking pies and making a dish for my wife to take to work tomorrow. Man, all this food in the house with nothing to eat tonight


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AdminP Class – Completing the MoveUserInHierarchy

A while back I promised to do a Show-n-Tell Thursday article about the MoveUserInHierarchyComplete method which is part of the NotesAdministrationProcess class of LotusScript. Well, I finally broke down and finished it. This method will allow you to create your own agent to complete the move of people in-mass to another certifier, which if you’ve ever looked at tools to do this you know that they are very costly. So, when this method is used in conjunction with this method you have yourself a very nice solution for moving people,

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Vista Industrial Design Toolkit

Microsoft has started distributing a Vista Industrial Design Toolkit describing how a PC that runs Windows Vista should look. This brings up thoughts of how Microsoft intends to enforce this since they don’t make PCs. Will they use their monetary might to try and force manufacturers to adhere to the toolkit? I found this article describing the toolkit and this statement to me doesn’t seem like Microsoft at all:

Microsoft, for their part,

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Categories Listing and URL Rewrite

I recently had to take my categories list over on the left away. Well, when I brought my website back up I had to install the base version of Xoops and then, install all the modules and import the data into the various tables in the database. Well, I guess something went wrong during the import and using the URL Rewrite for them broke the links. So, I removed them. Well yesterday I just got the idea of opening the category up in edit mode and then saving it.

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