Just…. NO,NO,NO

This week I attended MWLUG in Alexandria, VA. This was an awesome event, so many good speakers, good content and excellent camaraderie. I can’t say it enough, but Richard Moy and his team put on such a good event.

So, I spoke to a couple of developers who are writing client JavaScript in Domino Designer. While Domino Designer is capable of allowing you to write JavaScript, all I can say is STOP! Stop torturing yourself, Stop making it harder on yourself to write good JavaScript. There are way too many good to excellent editor choices for writing JavaScript, and I would have to say even the worst editor is better than Domino Designer.

I understand your reluctance to abandon Domino Designer, I really do, but it’s in your best psychological interest to do so. I would say it’s even in your best physical interest to do so as well (the lack of a dark theme wreaks havoc on your eyes).

So what are you missing out on by writing JavaScript in Domino Designer? A LOT! Let’s just take a look at a few things….

  • No Dark theme (bad for your eyes)
  • It crashes, A LOT (bad for your state of mind)
  • No Typeahead code completion (really?)
  • No links between your JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • No Multiple cursor support
  • No available build system for minifying all that JavaScript you’re writing
  • This list goes on for infinity….

What is a good alternative? Geesh, there are probably dozens of choices out there by now. I personally use Visual Studio Code (runs on MacOS, Windows and Linux, well to be fair almost all of the ones listed below do as well). However, there are still a lot of choices other than Domino Designer:

So, all I can say is just, no, stop using Domino Designer to write your JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Trust me, you’ll thank me sooner rather than later.

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