I had a great time at MWLUG this year. It was great to see so many familiar faces and friends, most of which I only see at the user groups. But, I just got home and thought I would share some of my thoughts and observations about the event and my take away about the state of our beloved Notes. As usual Richard Moy put together a great conference, so many thanks to him for making that event possible.

The tone of the event was that most everyone is starting to realize that the Notes client is quickly dying. Domino and the NSF probably have a few more years left in them yet. I sat in on Peter Presnell‘s and The Salvation Army Southern Territory CIO Clarence White’s session which was excellent. Clarence outlined from a CIO’s perspective what he thinks the future of Notes is, and it wasn’t very good. I’ve been working with Clarence now for about 18 months and I learned a few things about him I didn’t know. It also seemed a lot of people came to this conference looking for an alternative to Notes and answers about where we go from here.

My 2 sessions (Design Matters 2.0 and An Introduction to Web Components) went well with good attendance. I think it was a nice surprise for our Design Matters audience to be joined by the audience from the Rethinking Notes session. That turned into a Red Pill Now Q/A session about how we work together and discussion about some of the different technologies we use.

During ‘An Introduction to Web Components’ session I introduced Kito Mann to the community. Kito joined our team about 7 months ago after I met him during a Web Components workshop here in Atlanta. He has been been an invaluable asset to our team and helped bring search to life within the DIG Portal. I would like to say Thank You to Kito and the community for welcoming him (which I don’t know why I would doubt this community). Quite a few people approached him and from my understanding some good conversations came from the interactions. It seems there was already some interest in web components within the community. We even had 1 person that had already started playing with Polymer come by our booth and ask Kito for some help with one of his components which was really cool.

Red Pill Now debuted our DIG portal that we’re developing for The Salvation Army and it was well received. We showed the search capabilities of the project which wowed quite a few and I heard quite a few “that’s cool”, “you’ve got to be kidding me” and other very nice compliments. A lot of people also commented on the design and how nice the app looked, which was very nice to hear.

Thursday night we ate at Eddie V’s restaurant and I must say that was probably one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. It was a little on the pricey side, but I think worth every penny. As for the hotel, the service and facilities were excellent, however the food prices were a little exorbitant ($35 for a club sandwich via room service). The city of Austin seemed quite nice and was easy to get around except for the lack of Uber and other similar options.

All in all I would say MWLUG was a great conference. If you ever have a chance to attend one of these events don’t miss out. Next year it’ll be in Washington D.C. Until next time…. Happy Coding.

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