Long time no blog

It's been a while since I've posted here so… how about an end of year recap for anyone interested.

  • Red Pill Development changed it's name to Red Pill Now with a whole marketing campaign around it
  • I spoke at MWLUG and ATLUG
  • I started messing around with Polymer Web components and think this is the way web development should be done.
  • I did a couple of training sessions on Javascript and Backbone/Marionette
  • Red Pill hired a creative director, Bob Kadrie and is contracting with a new developer from the JSF/Web Components/Javascript world, Kito Mann
  • Red Pill became a Microsoft partner
  • Red Pill redefined our Graph Database to be more relevant for analytics AND design meta-data
  • We did a web site for the Vatican… yes, that Vatican (we did others, but this one was the most interesting)

Now, to ramble on about Web Components….. So web components allow you to define your own custom html tag that can be anything you want. It can have it's own functionality, visual representation, styles and logic. I'm using Polymer Web Components which is created and maintained by Google. You get a lot of components already created by Google available for you to use which are really good. There is also a growing open source population around this technology. It's possible to create an entire application with Web Components, you just end up creating a lot of custom components. While that's really not a limiting factor, it can get out of hand really quickly. So I know you're asking, does it work on all the browsers… well, yes it does. While it does take a little more effort to get them to work nicely on Safari, all the other modern browsers do really well with them, including IE 10,11 and Edge.

So, there you have it. A high level overview of the past year. Hopefully I can start blogging here some more and hopefully start moving XBlog over to using Web Components and a better API.

Until next time, happy coding.


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