XMage, your XPrentice will surely miss you

I am truly saddened and devastated by the news I received today of the death of Tim Tripcony. I would like to express my heartfelt condolences and sympathy to Tim's family and friends. I would also like to explain how Tim helped change both my personal and professional life. The loss of Tim has already left me feeling a rather large empty space where he once stood.

Before I was hired at GBS I learned a lot from Tim's blog and the few chat sessions I had with him. I had never met him personally, only from our brief interactions online. However once I was hired at GBS my official goal was to "duplicate Tim". His title there was XMage and mine XPrentice. I worked directly with Tim and was mentored and guided by his experience and knowledge. He constantly kept "throwing me back to the deep end" of XPages development and pushed me to better my development skills. During the Transformer project, we brainstormed, asked "wouldn't it be cool if….?" and pontificated life's and technology's intricacies. I confided in Tim as a friend and he helped me better understand some of my personal issues.

One of my favorite stories about Tim: Toward the end of the Transformer project we both started implementing the same thing and didn't realize it until I inevitably had to ask a question of him. Upon inspecting my code he showed me what he had started to write and it matched what I had written almost exactly, same variable names and logic. Seems I had accomplished at least a part of the official goal as it was shortly after this that I was placed in charge of the North American team so Tim could move on to other more complicated tasks.

After the Transformer project, Tim was one of the original co-founders at Red Pill Development. He helped guide us and come up with a lot of the Red Pill methodologies. Once he moved on to Best Methods, we continued a tradition set at GBS for "Lunch Scrum" where we all get together every week for lunch and just to visit with one another. We still had the "wouldn't be cool if…?" questions and pontificated life and technology, talked of our current conquests and defeats. I don't know about the rest of the team, but Tim's presence certainly helped settle me down some during some of our most stressful times.

I will certainly miss Tim. His easy going nature, witty responses (though sometimes over my head) and movie reference jokes will forever be with me. I am a better person and developer by having known Tim and the "YellowSphere" will never be the same.

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