LotusPhere 2011 review

Well LotusPhere 2011 has come to a close. I’m writing this while sitting at the Orlando Airport waiting on a delayed flight. I enjoyed this year’s LotusPhere more than previous ones but I believe that’s because I didn’t go alone. I hung out with the guys from GBS and had a great time.

The sessions this year the sessions seemed a little beginner level but some were very good. If I had to give a “Best Of” I would say it was AD115: XPages Extensibility API: Free Your Mind. Excellent information was put out with no fuss no muss (what does that even mean?). But I throughly enjoyed this sesssion.

There was also a good JavaScript session by Stephan Wissel. While he touted it as a beginners session he put out some very good basic information. Some of which I didn’t know about, so I wouldn’t have said it was strictly for beginners.

Some of the other sessions I attended were just too basic and didn’t have enough time to cover the more advanced options due to explaining history and the basic “what is insert technology here” type discussions.

GBS won the CTO Lotus Technology award for the Evolution Transformer, which was cool that I was a part of that team.

The Wednesday night party was excellent, the mock up of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade were excellent. At first I thought it was a Disney park but was notified that it wasn’t, which was kind-of surprising.

All in all this was an excellent LotusPhere with a lot of excitement and very busy. Well we’ve just been informed that our aircraft is getting ready to land and then load. So, until next time….

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