My year in review

This year has been something else, both technically and personally and has been quite a ride. So without further ado and not in any particular order…

  • The recession really hit home, with the new year both my wife and I labelled 2008 as the year from hell and that continued through 2009. We will get somewhat of a break come Feburary 2010
  • Got my first real smart phone, the T-Mobile My Touch. This is the greatest gadget I’ve ever owned and it gets used a lot (Thanks Baby!), not only as a phone but also an internet device, portal to all things Google, data modem in a pinch, game platform (makes waiting in a waiting room almost bearable), shopping assistant and resturant finder
  • Started using Lotus Connections Activities to keep track of my professional to-do items. This is a great product
  • We became a Mac family with the purchase of 2 27″ iMac computers and we wish this had happened sooner
  • My family went and saw Sugarland (the country music group) and it was my daughters’ first trip to the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta. If you live in GA you really should visit the Fox. It’s a very historical theater and a wonderful place to see broadway type shows, concerts and anything else that requires a stage
  • My family went and saw the King Tut exhibit, which was amazing!
  • I developed and continue to tweak the Google Charts class, what a handy-dandy tool that is, and the price is right
  • I delved into the inner workings of BlogSphere which gave me all kinds of content for the blog and I think I ended up with a very good layout for in the end. I also supplied my changes to Declan for inclusion in the next version, hopefully and made the theme used for available for download
  • The team I work with “finished” up development on the project from hell, however some develoment is still ongoing and probably always will be
  • I started working on an Open Source project that will get finished at some point in time that is driven by XPages. This was/is quite the learning experience
  • I worked on a PHP project for one of my other customers which may turn into a money making opportunity with a package for Zen Cart (an online store Open Source platform). I just have to get off my butt and document and then publish it
  • While politics at my flying club have started to wind down, drama still manages to push it’s way into our club meetings and club operations
  • My Grand father gave us quite a scare and showed us just how tough he still is. At 93 he’s still out farming and working. Hope I’m able to do half of what he does if I reach his age (there is a side story if you care to “Continue Reading…”)
  • This is the first year that our daughters will not be home on Christmas morning. One will be at her dad’s and the other is in Michigan
  • I labelled this year as the year of Family surgery with my Grand father, Mother and Dad having surgery this past year
  • My daughters were involved in their first car accident which scared me to death. They were un-injured and handled it better than I did, even though the other motorist was a jerk
  • I made my first custom computer background that was good enough to publish, and it gets quite a bit of traffic both here and at

Well that wraps up my year in review, everyone have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Now, for the side story of my Grand Father. He is 93 this year and as I said above is still working a 10 acre farm. This year he had an accident though…

He was out planting tomatoes and has a golf cart which he uses to get around, tote tools, plants and what not. It of course was loaded down with his tools, water buckets and such but was in the way of where he was working and needed to be moved. So, he jumps in the passenger side while still holding a 5 gallon bucket full of water in his right hand, reaches over the tools spread across the front seat into the floor board with his left foot, grasped the steering wheel with his left hand and stepped on the gas harder than he meant to. Well the cart lurched forward and crashed into a tree causing him to hit his head on one of the supports for the roof of the cart. He was taken to the hospital and had brain surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain from some internal bleeding in his head caused from the bump. He spent roughly 2 months in the hospital recovering. He also had to attend physical therapy to learn how to walk again of which I must say he can almost match me step for step. I think the therapy got him walking better than he was before the accident. When he came home from therapy they had given him a walker, so he got out of the car and the walker was ready for him. He PICKS the walker up and walks into the house

He has now completely recovered. Is still out working but just not as hard as he used to as my mother and aunt stay on him pretty good, but he still sneaks out to go work on whatever needs to be done, at least until one of his daughters or wife catches him.

Changing gears a little. Now currently going through the process of becoming law, we have this god awful health care bill which, will probably totally ruin our economy and health care system. In some of the text for the 2000 page monstrosity of a bill is how surgery and care for the elderly is to be approached. It basically says that the health care provider is to make them comfortable but that traumatic surgery is to be avoided due to the cost of said surgery. If this type of system was in place this year, my Grand father would not still be with us. These are the kinds of decisions that must be made by the family, not government. I urge you to call your senators and let them know you oppose this bill, not that it matters as I think I heard that 56% of americans oppose the bill, that number may be higher. But my Grand Father is the prime example of why we shouldn’t have a government run health care system.

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