Blogsphere bugs…

I’ve been using the Blogsphere template since it first came out and haven’t looked back. BlogSphere and the OpenNTF mail template are the templates that really opened the world’s eyes to OpenNTF and the benefits of an OpenSource community for the Lotus faithful. However, since version 3.x of blogsphere there have been a couple of bugs that really bugged me. These bugs didn’t really hurt the overall feel of Blogsphere but are really just little annoyances. Now what brought these bugs to my attention is that I’m currently redoing the look and layout of This current look has been here for a couple of years now and I’m tired of images getting cut off because of the layout being too narrow. Also, because of the set width of the layout, on my big iMac screen I’ve got an awful lot of wasted realestate. What really inspired this was the new look of Chris Toohey’s site. I think the layout and overall look of his site is great. Good work Chris! I hope you don’t mind if I steal borrow some of your layout ideas?

The first one is the Download permalink on search results. Seems the TAG_BSPlinkURL function in the RenderEngine.Tags script library had a typo on line #13: “TAG_BSPlinkURL = cfgDoc.cfg_Basic_HomeURL(0) + “/download/” + blogDoc.PermaLink(0)” should read “TAG_BSPlinkURL = cfgDoc.cfg_Basic_HomeURL(0) + “/downloads/” + blogDoc.PermaLink(0)”. While this really isn’t that big of a deal, it was frustrating at times when looking for something.

Another bug, but not really a bug, but just had to do with the page template. In the search results, it didn’t show the content of the post, just a Blogsphere tag, which to the average user doesn’t really mean that much. But that tag doesn’t exist, hence it only showing that tag and not the content of the found entry. The tag that was being used is “<$BSEntryBody$>“. I changed that to use the “<$BSEntryHTML$>” tag instead.

Next up, and this one I can’t seem to get to work at all, is the display of all the static pages. Just like with downloads, you should be able to display an excerpt of each static page in a blog like layout. This was returning an error for the comments rss which is something I’ll get to in a minute. But, I never could get the static pages to display like I want, but that’s certainly something on the agenda before the new layout goes live.

Last one, in the RenderEngineCommentsEntries function of the RenderEngine.RSS script library, line #9: “numofentries = configDoc.cfg_rss_RSSFeedEntries(0) * 5”. The field cfg_rss_RSSFeedEntries doesn’t exist, so this was causing an error to be returned. For some reason this error occured when you tried to navigate to the view containing the Static Pages. I just changed this to read: “numofentries = 50”. Now, I know I shouldn’t hard code this, I should just add a field to the configuration document for this, but I guess I’m just lazy and don’t want to change too much in the template in order to make upgrading to the next version easier.

Please don’t take these bugs as me bashing Blogsphere, I think it’s a great product and I look forward to continuing to use it in the future. I just thought folks that are using blogsphere may be experiencing some of these same issues and would like to fix them. But while you can’t see these fixes at this moment on, they will be implemented when the new layout goes live in a few days (I’m not very fast with tweaking CSS).

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