Blog Redesign

OK, so I stated earlier that the new look wouldn’t be active for a couple of days… I lied

But things progressed a bit quicker than I anticipated so it’s live today. All the bug fixes mentioned earlier are now in place. As for the bug with Static Pages not displaying properly, well it seems it was a “Page Template” issue and not a code issue

One thing to note about the new layout, if you’re using 800×600, it’s gonna be all screwed up. According to Google Analytics no one is reading this site with 800×600, so hopefully it won’t be a big deal.
{EDIT Image moved to “Read More”. Click Read More to see image }

Another thing, I got rid of the Snap Shots functionality, it was starting to annoy me. I also cleaned up the side bar items as they were rather cluttered and weren’t really very useful. So, I hope you like the new design and I’ll resist the urge to keep tweaking it and wind up breaking something.


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