Google Chrome OS – Preview

I downloaded the Chrome OS image the other day and started playing around with Chrome OS. I installed the image into Virtual Box and it runs fine, I wasn’t so lucky with Parallels. So far, the OS is very minimal, not really a whole lot to play with. It’s basically just the Chrome browser running everything. If you close all the browser tabs, it relaunches the browser. The OS itself is very clean looking and minimalistic, which seeing as how it’s from Google, would you expect anything else? As for the apps, seems that they are only links to web applications but the ability to add more has been disabled, at least from the application menu. I tried adding an icon to the application menu to no avail. There are no right-click contextual menus except your normal browser/web page menu options. As for the speed of the OS, it boots up really fast. I would say only about 5 to 7 seconds from the time I turn on the Virtual Machine until a login screen is presented. Once you login with a google account maybe only another 1 to 3 seconds before you’re in the browser ready to work. That kind of start up speed is very impressive and I hope will set the standard for other OSes to follow suit.

There really isn’t a whole lot to talk about at this point in time concerning Chrome OS other than I will be following the progress closely as I’m a fan of the Google line of products. But without further ado, here’s some screen shots I captured:

[Edit 12/04/2009 – Moved images. Click Read More for images]

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