iNotes Frustration

One of my customers tasked me with what I thought would be a simple little addition to the iNotes mail template. He wanted to add a link to the iNotesOutline that opened in a new window to his company intranet. Sounds simple right? Think again. For the life of me I can’t get this to work. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff to no avail. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Added an URL outline entry to the iNotesOutline with the URL to the intranet site ( in the “Value” field of the outline entry properties
  • In the “Frame” field of the outline entry properties tried the following _blank, “_blank”, target=”_blank”, “target=\”_blank\”” along with a few other variations

The results:
This tries to redirect the current window to a URL like “;company%20intranet,s_viewname;”

I’ve also tried:

  • Adding a new frame to the WebInteriorMailFS Frameset with a page that contains an HTML link
    • This frame doesn’t show up on the web
  • Modifying the “Webmail Picker” page with an HTML link
    • This modification doesn’t show up on the web

Now, all of this really returns no results towards the desired goal what-so-ever. It doesn’t even break something else, which going by my luck of late, is odd. This task is really starting to use up quite a bit of time to resolve, more time than I am comfortable charging the client so that means it’s becoming expensive also. I’ve done this before in other applications and from my understanding you define a frame that doesn’t exist to the “Frame” field of the outline entry properties and that should open the URL in a new window, not the case here. Also, if I try and view the source of the frame which contains the iNotesOutline “Company Intranet” doesn’t show up anywhere and I also believe this may be rendered by a JAR file but I’m not 100% certain of that.

So, is there anyone out there dear reader that may have a solution to this issue? I’m all out of options, have a lot of wasted time and money and not to mention the frustration of something that should seemingly be simple and quick to implement taking forever and still not working.

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