Handy-Dandy Folder Action scripts

I don’t recall where I got these from, but they sure are handy. In Mac OSX, you can define a Folder Action script which will run anytime a file is added to that folder. Since I mess with Notes and we all know that it won’t accept PNG images, we have to convert them to GIF or JPG. So after starting to make an Automator script to do this (This one is from Apple Inc.), I found an AppleScript that you enter as a folder action that will do your conversion for you and save a copy of the original image, pretty cool. You can find it in the Downloads menu over there on the left.

Another folder script that I created using the Automator scales an image. I guess you could ask what size to scale it to, but I’ve got it hard coded in the script. But this also works very well.

I hope you find these as useful and that they save you as much time as they save me.

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