Just rambling about nothing really…

I’ve recently become addicted to Boston Legal. I really like that show, I don’t think anything on TV has ever made me laugh so hard. But here’s a clip that was on last week (I think) that I thought hilarious.

On another note, I’ve been very busy of late. I’ve redesigned our flying club’s website. It was in dire need of a face lift and to be brought current with features like internet voting, online dues payment and that sort of thing. That has taken me a lot of time to get it all working and rolled out so that the club members would find the site useful. But the site is running on Joomla! 1.5 and I must say that Joomla! is a great opensource product. Out of all the PHP CMS type sites I’ve messed with this one is much more elegant, easy to use and more robust than all of the others put together.

I’ve also been working on the website for Mike’s RC Hobbies which is running on Zen Cart, which seems to be a great opensource shopping cart and supports many payment type options, templates and configurations.

That’s about it really. I haven’t been doing much new development for Lotus Notes apps so I haven’t really had any new epiphanies of late, which is kind-of a bummer as I really enjoy coming up with new ideas and trying to incorporate them in my applications.

So, until next time…..

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