Kenny Chesney Concert

Tonight we attended the Kenny Chesney concert at the HiFi Buys Amphitheater. It was an awesome concert, Sugarland and Pat Green opened up. Sugarland put on an awesome show and Jennifer Nettles voice still just blows me away.

Kenny put on a great show and it just shows why he’s won entertainer of the year so many times. He had quite a few guest appearances from Dave Matthews (Bruce Elgort would have approved ), Dierks Bentley, Uncle Cracker and Joe Walsh. He sang a great array of music to include of course Country, Rock and Roll, Rap and the blues. He played 33 songs tonight and his part of the show lasted about two and a half hours. The last 30 minutes or so was all Eagles songs of which the young crowd didn’t really know and I don’t think they really enjoyed that part too much. There was also a pretty good light show to boot.

Leaving the show was of course a challenge, but we ended up taking a way back to the freeway which no one else was taking, at least the majority of the crowd wasn’t taking. We stopped at a little store to get a drink and met a guy that didn’t know how to get back to the freeway, so we told him to follow us since we had the GPS, which took us right to the freeway and I think that made his trip home as he was worried he would get lost and it is a pretty rough part of town the way we went.

I was kind-of dreading going as I’m not a big fan of crowds, much less drunk red neck (of which I resemble pretty closely) crowds and the fact I haven’t been to a concert in almost 20 years. I totally enjoyed the show and I’m glad I went. The crowd was awesome, at times the crowd’s singing was drowning out Kenny Chesney. If I had it to do all over again I certainly would. He has a second show here in Atlanta tomorrow so I hope I’m not putting out any spoilers for anyone. So it was a great evening, saw Sugarland of which I’m a pretty big fan of, Kenny Chesney and made a friend, what more could you ask for from an evening.


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